Ready For a Spooky October?

New Collections - By Adam

The Wuzci Halloween collection is here! Browse the whole collection and view our top picks by fantastic artists including Rosie Fairholm, Rhianna Wurman, Christine Jopling and Sophie Hargreaves.
You can still sign up and claim your first month free! If you don’t love us after that – we’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee to keep you covered!

5 simple origami to put inside your cards

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

Ever find yourself with spare paper lying around? Do you fancy yourself as the creative type? If so, add some real flair to your greetings cards with our 5 simple origami tips. For centuries origami, the art of “paper-folding” has been used as part of Japanese artistic tradition; with people worldwide creating intricate designs using …

Top 5 Alternatives to Paperchase

Research - By Adam

Tired of travelling to town to buy your greetings cards and then having to pay a fortune for them? We all know about Paperchase: the international stationery and card store that provide us with fabulously designed cards, but at rather eye-watering prices. Without a doubt Paperchase has much fanfare and has been a dominant force …

How to find the perfect birthday present

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

So, It’s birthday time! You’re super excited about buying that perfect gift that’ll make that special someone smile from ear to ear. But there’s one problem… You have no idea what to get them! Finding the right birthday present, whether if it’s for a spouse, a child or a best friend, can be very challenging. …

How to stay organised with a busy schedule

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

Is your busy schedule getting you down? Staying organised can sometimes be a challenge but at the end of the day, it can help you will eliminate stress, headaches and all the ailments that come with being disorganised. Look at what happens when you are disorganised: Your productivity decreases; Your state of mind fills with …

10 fantastic ideas on what to put inside your cards

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

Ever just looked at an empty birthday card and wished that you could put something more awesome than “Happy birthday, Susan – from Dave?” Well, it’s possible! Simple messages inside cards have become boring options and it’s time we tackled it. Let’s look at 10 fantastic ideas that you can use instead of the traditional …

Why did we start Wuzci?

Community - By Adam

For what must have been the third time that month, I found myself jumping in the car and rushing to get to town before the shops closed. Thanks to my sieve-like brain, I’d once again forgotten an occasion (namely, my friends birthday) and needed to find a card before our get together that evening. As …