Choosing The Perfect Father’s Day Card

New Collections - By Sophie Hargreaves

It’s that time of year again! Father’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday 20th June, and now it’s time to select your cards! For Dads all over the country, whether they’re Grandads, Step-Dads, Dog Dads, or Dad-joke-dads, it’s the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate all that they do. If you’re stuck for …

Working in CMYK

Artist Resources - By Sophie Hargreaves

Setting up artworks for print can be a pretty daunting task if it’s not something you’re used to. Ensuring your artwork is set to the correct colour profile is crucial if you want to match the print colours as closely as possible to what you see on screen. Of course there are still many variables …

Working with Bleed

Artist Resources - By Sophie Hargreaves

Figuring out if your artwork has enough bleed can be tricky – especially as different printers require different set ups. Some may require the bleed area to be outside of the canvas, whilst others, such as ourselves, require the bleed area to be within the canvas area. So what is Bleed? Bleed is ink that …

Creating the Perfect Card

Artist Resources - By Sophie Hargreaves

Here at Wuzci, we want to help your design skills thrive and offer every opportunity to improve (and thus, increase your sales!). Sometimes this can mean a simple font tweak or adjusting your design layout so that it reads more easily. With our brand new Artist Uploader, more of the power is in your hands. …

Why Send Cards or Letters?

Tricks & Tips - By Sophie Hargreaves

Everybody loves getting a hand addressed envelope in the post. Whether the handwriting is familiar or not, knowing that somebody sat down and took the time to write and seal a letter specifically for you, shows that somebody cares… So you know that when you write and send a letter, you’re sending that same intrigue …

Writing a Thoughtful Sympathy Card

Tricks & Tips - By Sophie Hargreaves

Writing a sympathy card is a task that nobody wants to have to do. It’s not an enjoyable occasion and often something that we can’t plan for. But, it is an important gesture to show our support during a difficult time. It can also be a practical way to offer some much needed help. Nobody …

Writing the Perfect Message in Birthday Cards

Tricks & Tips - By Sophie Hargreaves

You started out well. You’ve set your occasion reminders, chosen the perfect card and it’s been delivered to your door. But now you don’t know how to craft the perfect message! Don’t worry! Wuzci have got you covered for this. Writing a card shouldn’t have to be such a chore. Instead of writing the standard, …

2021 Lockdown Delays at Royal Mail

Community - By Sophie Hargreaves

Hi Gang, Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Royal Mail are now experiencing some severe delivery delays. We are working around the clock to ensure your orders are dispatched with plenty of time, but please bear in mind that once we have posted your card orders, this is out of our hands. According to news, these regions …

Artist Spotlight: Amy Cole

Artists - By Sophie Hargreaves

You might have already seen out Artist Spotlight series, where we interview artists from our amazing community and see what inspires them and how they create their designs. Our last interview was with Jessica Gutteridge, which you can catch up on here. Today we’re interviewing Amy Cole, so grab a cuppa and sit down for …

Artist Spotlight: Jessica Gutteridge

Artists - By Sophie Hargreaves

A while ago, we launched our Artist Spotlight blog series, where we’ll be interviewing some of the artists in our wonderful community. If you missed the last one, we spoke to Chloe Evans about her design process and inspirations. Catch up here. Today, we’re interviewing Jessica Gutteridge. She’s an illustrator & designer and proud owner …

Tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Tricks & Tips - By Sophie Hargreaves

Each year, we all love to indulge in various festivities throughout the holiday season. There are so many activities to take part in – Christmas parties, gift shopping, decorating our homes and tasting all the seasonal treats we can get our hands on. These are all so much fun, but the use of unsustainable materials and disposable products is taking a toll on our environment. As part of our on-going commitment to help our planet and make Wuzci as eco-friendly as possible, we have pulled together a few easy tips & tricks to make these festive activities more sustainable. Here is an insight into a few posts we have in the works for you.

We Mean Green

Uncategorized - By Sophie Hargreaves

Here at Wuzci we are wholeheartedly eco-friendly! Since our launch in February 2019, we have already implemented vital changes to improve our impact on the planet. 🌎

Artist Spotlight: Chloe Evans

Artists - By Sophie Hargreaves

Our Artist Spotlight series give you an insight into the creators behind our beautiful designs. Discover tips, tricks and words of wisdom from industry professionals. This Artist Spotlight is with Chloe Evans, an illustrator and designer from the U.K.

Artist Spotlight: Abi Ruddock

Artists - By Sophie Hargreaves

Our Artist Spotlight series give you an insight into the creators behind our beautiful designs. Discover tips, tricks and words of wisdom from industry professionals. Our first Artist Spotlight is with Abi Ruddock, a surface pattern and print designer hailing from the heart of Yorkshire.

How does Wuzci compare to Moonpig?

Comparisons - By Sophie Hargreaves

A common question we get here at Wuzci, is how are we different to existing greetings card shops such as Moonpig? Well, here’s a direct comparison between the two greeting card shops. Wuzci offers a calendar reminder system and supports independent artist. Sign up for your 30 days free – that’s next months cards sorted!

Ready For a Spooky October?

New Collections - By Adam

The Wuzci Halloween collection is here! Browse the whole collection and view our top picks by fantastic artists including Rosie Fairholm, Rhianna Wurman, Christine Jopling and Sophie Hargreaves.
You can still sign up and claim your first month free! If you don’t love us after that – we’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee to keep you covered!

5 simple origami to put inside your cards

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

Ever find yourself with spare paper lying around? Do you fancy yourself as the creative type? If so, add some real flair to your greetings cards with our 5 simple origami tips. For centuries origami, the art of “paper-folding” has been used as part of Japanese artistic tradition; with people worldwide creating intricate designs using …

Top 5 Alternatives to Paperchase

Research - By Adam

Tired of travelling to town to buy your greetings cards and then having to pay a fortune for them? We all know about Paperchase: the international stationery and card store that provide us with fabulously designed cards, but at rather eye-watering prices. Without a doubt Paperchase has much fanfare and has been a dominant force …

How to find the perfect birthday present

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

So, It’s birthday time! You’re super excited about buying that perfect gift that’ll make that special someone smile from ear to ear. But there’s one problem… You have no idea what to get them! Finding the right birthday present, whether if it’s for a spouse, a child or a best friend, can be very challenging. …

How to stay organised with a busy schedule

Tricks & Tips - By Adam

Is your busy schedule getting you down? Staying organised can sometimes be a challenge but at the end of the day, it can help you will eliminate stress, headaches and all the ailments that come with being disorganised. Look at what happens when you are disorganised: Your productivity decreases; Your state of mind fills with …