What are All the Benefits of Greeting Cards?

There are so many benefits to sending greeting cards. They’re an opportunity to express feelings, stay connected and support a thriving industry in a digital era.

Cards show that you care

A benefit of greeting cards is that everybody loves receiving a hand addressed envelope. Knowing that somebody sat down and took the time to write and seal a letter specifically for you, is a nice reminder that you’re appreciated.

To illustrate the first benefit of greeting cards, image shows hands writing a letter or a greeting card on the left. On the right the image shows a man smiling as he takes a greeting card out of the envelope.

Greeting cards are tactile.

Sending a greeting card is a way to share our emotions with one another in a real and tangible way. Whether you’re sharing sorrow with somebody, or celebrating a huge milestone. Cards are something we can hold in our hands or display proudly in our home.

Having a stash of greeting cards is great for when you need to send a card at short notice. They are also a more personal way of reaching out instead of a digital message.

They aren’t instant.

Tapping out a text can take less than a minute. Spending a bit of time crafting the perfect message in a greeting card really shows that you care. Not only did you go through the effort of composing a heartfelt message, but you took the time to choose the perfect design, buy a stamp and take it to a post-box. This small bit of extra effort shows that you’re invested in nurturing your relationship.

To show another benefit of greeting cards, the left side of the image shows someone writing a greeting card. The right side of the image shows somebody putting a letter into a Royal Mail post box.

Cards make us happy!

Not only do cards make the receivers happy, but there are emotional benefits for the sender too! Taking the time to write out a thoughtful message is a great opportunity to reflect on how lucky you are to have your relationships. It also feels great to make other people happy with our messages.

There are many more benefits to sending greeting cards. They make us feel good and they are a great way to support independent businesses. The list of reasons to send someone a card is endless, so it’s great to always have a few on hand. Whilst it’s important to remember the big things, such as birthdays, new babies or anniversaries, there are also lots of benefits to celebrating the little things in life.

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