Top 5: ‘I Like You’ Greetings Cards

You’ve got Birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, Christmas cards and anniversary cards. But sometimes you just need a card to let someone know you like them! Whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, a crush or your best friend, let them know you like them with Wuzci’s Top 5 ‘I Like You’ Greetings Cards.

You're weird but 'I like you' greetings cards

5. You’re Weird But I Like You Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: Lucy Green

Though this is labelled as a Valentine’s Day card, this ‘You’re Weird But I Like You’ Greetings Card is perfect for any recipient! Your partner, your best friend… anyone! Let them know that despite their weirdness, you like them a lot!

4. I like you………a lot Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: Beverley Hopwood

We love the bright colours and cute flower illustrations on this ‘I Like You’ greetings card. Perfect for the person you like… A LOT.

I like you... a lot greeting card
I like your peachy bum greeting card

3. I Like Your Peachy Bum Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: You Are Awesome

A little more specific this time… let someone know you’re a fan of their behind with this adorably peachy greetings card design!

2. I apple-solutely like you General Card

Artist: Dewy Venerius

Perfect for the person in your life who loves puns. A cute pastel colour palette and simple yet adorable text and illustrations, this card is sure to cheer up its recipient. One of our favourite ‘I like you’ greetings cards, send this one to the apple of your eye!

I like you greeting cards (applesolutely)
I like you greetings cards

1. I Like You Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: Beth Fletcher

And finally… This adorable dinosaur design is one of our most popular come Valentine’s Day. We love the cute dinosaur illustration and the pastel colours… not hard to see why this ‘I like you’ greetings cards design flies off our shelves!


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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