Funny Birthday Cards for Mum Available on Wuzci!

If you are looking for something a little different, Wuzci has an AMAZING collection of funny birthday cards for Mum. Whether you want to remind them who their best kid really is, apologise for your tattoos or thank them for carrying you for 9 months… and maybe a little longer.

thanks for carrying me for 9 months... and 30 odd years

Mum Thanks for Carrying Me for 9 Months… And 30 Odd Years Card from This is Awesome

For the Mum’s who not only literally carried you for 9 months, but figuratively did too! One of our favourite funny birthday cards for those whose mums still do everything for them.

Mum, you’re my favourite! Card by Beverley Hopwood

A cheeky card for letting your Mum know just where she sits in your parent ranking.

funny birthday card for mum - top 2 parent
i love you mum from your favourite child

I Love You Mum Card by Ellen Sarah Cawley

Remind your Mum your clearly her favourite with this funny birthday card from Ellen Sarah Cawley

Mum, I Love You Loads Card by Jessica Patel

A cute and funny card from our collection of funny birthday cards for mum. It’s perfect for her birthday when you want to let her know you love her loads.

Funny birthday card for mum - i love you loads
mum sorry about my tattoos card

Mum Sorry About My Tattoos Card by Studio Yelle

One of the best funny birthday cards for mum who hate all those tattoos you got!

Happy Birthday Mum – Sorry I Was A Little Shit Card by Blind Faith

Wish your Mum a happy birthday with this card letting her know that you are glad you get along better now you’re grown up and you’re sorry for being a little shit.

funny birthday card for mum - sorry i was a little shit
like mother like daughter oh shit

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Oh Shit… Card by This is Awesome

Admit it, you’re turning into your mother! Make her laugh with this funny card and try not to stress out too much about it…

Can’t Drive, Can Draw Card by Droplette Design

A great funny birthday card for mum from the toddlers that both drive them up the wall and draw all over them!

funny birthday card for mum - drive up the wall

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