No Valentine’s Card from Boyfriend?

No Valentine’s card from your boyfriend? We understand that it’s hard not to feel disappointed when this happens. With hearts and roses being thrust at us in every shop we visit, it can be difficult to understand how your partner could possibly forget such a special occasion!

But instead of getting mad about it, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your boyfriend to Wuzci, so that he never forgets Valentine’s Day again. After all, you’re not asking for the world here; just a card and maybe some chocolates so that you can feel appreciated in your relationship!

Valentine's banner with cards and chocolates

To avoid feeling disappointed next year, or for any other special occasion you have coming up (and to make sure you get a card on your birthday), send your boyfriend over to to set up his subscription. All he has to do is enter his important dates (such as Valentine’s Day and your birthday) and then we’ll send out handy reminders to pick out a card with plenty of time to spare! 

Image shows a Wuzci subscription box, with greeting cards bursting out of it for Valentine's Day, birthdays, graduation and retirement celebrations.

We are here to make remembering occasions easy for you and your partner. Never forget a Valentine’s Day, birthday, graduation, or retirement again, and always have the perfect card for your loved ones. So if your boyfriend forget to get you a card for Valentine’s Day, we have the solution at Wuzci.

A Wuzci Small Sender subscription box, showing two greeting cards popping out.
Small Sender box
 ☑️ 2 cards per month
A Wuzci Friends & Family subscription box, showing four greeting cards popping out.
Friends & Family box
 ☑️ 4 cards per month
A Wuzci Social Superstar subscription box, showing eight cards popping out.
Social Superstar box
 ☑️ 8 cards per month

It’s also not too late to buy a one-off card from us! Browse our range of over 5,000 designs and find the perfect Valentine’s card. All orders placed before 3pm are sent out the same day, so it could be in your hands the very next day!

Image shows three Valentine's Day cards, ideal for boyfriends to send to their girlfriends. Card one says

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