Subscription Box Packaging: How we are keeping it sustainable?

Subscription box packaging is an easy way to see where businesses really care about their product. It has to be durable enough to protect your goods, promote your brand and be easy to dispose of.

One of our missions at Wuzci is to keep everything as sustainable as possible. This includes the printing process, which stock we use for our cards, the packaging materials and the delivery method. Because of this, we have made our subscription box packaging completely plastic free!

So what does this mean for our cards?

Each of our subscription boxes is made entirely of recycled cardboard. There are even some recycled boxes within our boxes! Paper and card board are one of the most sustainable resources in the world. It’s easy to recycle and that means it’s completely hassle free for our subscribers! It just needs to be popped into your household recycling bin once you’re done with the box.

Image is a cropped photo of a Wuzci subscription box. The photo shows the recycled texture of the materials and parts of the design that reads,
Image shows an illustration of a man and three children placing litter into a recycling bag, highlighting the sustainable packaging.

Our cards and envelopes also contain recycled content and can be fully recycled once you have finished with then. We don’t use any plastics on the finish of our cards. Nor do we use foils, glitter or any other embellishments. We will only ever add those to our cards if we can source a sustainable and 100% recyclable way to do so.

Image is a photo of an open Wuzci subscription box. It shows four cards spread out, a subscriber date slip and the box on a wooden table background.

Another way we are keeping our packaging and product sustainable, is by avoiding mass production. All of our cards are printed to order and we don’t over produce our packaging. This means that we don’t have to store or waste any extra materials!

By keeping our packaging minimal, it means that we’re using less materials and that means there’s less waste to get rid of for the end user. There aren’t any unnecessary stickers, bands, bags or tape holding everything together. When you receive a box of Wuzci cards, you will simply get the cards, envelopes and your dates slip in a box that only has a single strip of glue to seal it!

Image reads

And that is how we keep our cards and our subscription box packaging sustainable! We keep it simple, make sure everything is easily recyclable and use limited materials!

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