Plant Cards: Greetings Cards for Plant Lovers

We all have a friend whose house is quickly becoming their own personal indoor jungle… If your plant-obsessed friend has an event coming up, why not get them a card from the array of plant cards available on Wuzci! Here’s just a few of our favourites…

Plant Birthday Cards

plant birthday cards on wuzci
happy birthday plant cards

Plant Happy Birthday Card by Sharon Illustrates

This adorable plant design by Sharon Illustrates is sure to brighten up your friends special day! We love the vibrant plant pots and pastel background.

Plant Lady Birthday Card by Quince Prints

If your friend is a little crazy with their plant obsession, this is the perfect card for them! We love the luscious green colour Hannah has used for the plants!

Crazy Plant Lady Birthday Card by Heather Ledbetter-Lyon

Another Crazy Plant lady design for the friend who treats their plants like they’re pets!

Happy Birthday Card by Lolly and Lauren

We love this simple green Monstera plant card design from Lolly and Lauren! Perfect for a plant lovers birthday.

more happy birthday plant cards

General Plant Cards

plant cards on wuzci
new home card, succs to see you go

Happy New Home Card by Dinky Rouge

This succulent-covered card design from Dinky Rouge is perfect to send to a friend who is moving into a new place! We love the pastel colour scheme and adorable patterns on the pots!

Succulent Leaving Day Card by Caitlin Draws Things

What’s better than a plant card? A punny plant card! This super-cute ‘succs to see you go’ design by Caitlin Draws Things is a great card to send to your plant-loving coworker who got a new job or a friend moving out of town!

Grow Through General Card by Katie Illustrated

This design by Katie Illustrated is the perfect design to send to a friend who may be having a tough time. We love the positive message and cute little teapot plants!

Plant Addict General Card by Amy Cole

This card gets to the point fast! Whether it’s for a birthday, a thank you or just a little note to a friend, we love this colourful plant addict design from Amy Cole!

grow through what you go through, plant addict cards

Jo Rose’s Plant Collection

jo rose plant cards
three plant cards

Some of the most popular cards on our site, Jo Rose’s plant cards are perfect for any occassion! Whether it’s a birthday, a thank you, new home or just a card to say hello, we love the pastel colours and diverse plant designs!

Parlour Palm General Card

An elegant Palm to send to a plant loving friend.

Calathea Zebrina General Card

A cute Calathea to add to a house plant lover’s collection!

Monstera Deliciosa General Card

Also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera is a symbol of long life.

Z Z Plant General Card

Spread a little Tropical love with the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, which originates from Zanzibar.

Peace Lily General Card

A pretty Peace Lily to celebrate those tranquil moments in life.

two plant cards


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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