What is Palentine’s Day?

You’ve definitely heard of Valentine’s day and you may have heard of Galentine’s day, but what is Palentine’s day?

An alternative to Valentine’s day

An alternative to Valentine's Day

Whilst most people celebrate their significant others and romance on Valentine’s day, Palentine’s day was set up to celebrate a different kind of love! Commemorated on February 13th, this celebration encourages you to share some love with your friends. Whether it’s your childhood bestie, your uni flatmate, or your workplace pal… Palentine’s Day is the day to let them know you care about them!

Many can find the time around Valentine’s day, particularly those who are not in a romantic relationship, have recently got out of a romantic relationship, or identify as aromantic! Making February a time not just for romantic love but platonic too means everyone is included and everyone gets to feel the love of the most loving month!

Palentine’s Day vs Galentine’s Day

Palentine's Day vs Galentine's Day

Made famous by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day was posed as an alternative to Valentine’s day that celebrated female friendships! The difference between Galentine’s and Palentine’s is that Palentine’s doesn’t have to be celebrated by exclusively female friendship groups, meaning you can share the love with your male and non-binary friends too!

What to do on Palentine’s Day

What to do on Palentine's Day

Considering it’s a celebration of friendship, what better way to spend the day than with your friends? Call up your besties and spend the day together! Go out for dinner, catch the latest release at the cinema, head for drinks at your favourite bar… whatever it is, spend the time with friends.

Valentine’s day is also about gifting the ones you love! Both Oliver Bonas and Next have curated some treats for you to pick out for your friends this Palentines.

But if it’s cards you’re after, we’ve got you sorted…

Palentine’s Cards

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