“Sorry to see you leave” Cards

Finding the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” Card

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when a friend, colleague or family member decides to leave their job or move away. We often want to feel happy to see them enter a new chapter in their life, but it’s also sad because you will miss them! This is why it’s so important to find the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” card to see them off. We’ve hand picked a few of our favourite Leaving Cards to help you.

If they like animal puns…

If you friend or colleague enjoy a good animal pun, maybe opting for a design that’s not so serious is the best way to go. We’re all familiar with the phrases “see you later alligator” and “in a while crocodile”, and these cards capture the light hearted nature perfectly. They both show that you care, but also say that you will see them soon!

For TV and Film lovers

Because we all have that one friend or colleague who is a complete Netflix addict… Opting for something that relates to their favourite tv show or film is a great way to find them a card they will love. This RuPaul with his iconic “Sashay Away” slogan is ideal for any Drag Race lovers! We also love the tongue in cheek “You Got Out” Leonardo DiCaprio card by Blind Faith because it signifies how we’ve all felt at some point in a job!

If you both like a bit of banter

If you’re losing your very best work friend, some times it’s funnier to make a joke about how much you won’t miss them! These two cards by Blue Kiwi Designs convey this perfectly and your friend is sure to know that you’re joking! (Mostly).

And for when you’re feeling sentimental

Because work/life just isn’t going to be the same without them and you’re suddenly feeling like a lost puppy! These cards by Ellen Sarah Cawley and Evezee really convey the “I’m actually going to miss you” vibe.

As always, there are plenty more cards to choose from on Wuzci if you haven’t quite found the perfect match just yet. Our shop has over 5,000 designs, all proudly crafted by our 250+ independent artists. And you can have them delivered to your door every month with a Wuzci subscription!

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