Eid Greeting Cards: Celebrate with these great designs

Eid is celebrated by Muslims around the world because it marks the end of the month-long fasting of Ramadan. It is a time of prayer, charity, gift giving and social gatherings. We think Eid greeting cards are a great opportunity to send a heartwarming message to a loved one! It’s a great time to tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them.

We’ve pulled together a few Eid cards created by our fantastic Wuzci artist commnity to give you a bit of inspiration.

We love the bright colours in Mindikr’s Eid Mubarak pattern card. It’s sure to add a pop of colour to any mantle. But if you’re looking for something a bit more sleek and sophisticated, Roshah Designs’ Eid Mubarak Script card is perfect!

We don’t just have Eid greeting cards! It’s also a lovely idea to send out a “Ramadan Mubarak” to your friends and family during the holy month. This blue mandala design by Roshah Designs is perfect!

Now is the perfect time to pick out your Eid greeting cards. It’s a simple gesture that shows your loved ones that you are thinking about them, and is a sure way to put a smile on their face!

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Deadpan Greeting Cards: Wuzci’s top picks

Deadpan greeting cards are great for friends and family that share a good sense of humour with you. The cards could relate to a favourite TV show or film, or perhaps poke fun at the perks of growing older. Here are a few of our favourite cards by some of our fantastic Wuzci artists.

We love this R.I.P Youth card by Urghh Card Co. It perfectly sums up how we all feel as we get further away from our youthful years.

Of course we also couldn’t put together this list without including the king of deadpan humour, Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99. It’s impossible to read this card without hearing his voice in your head! Captain Holt I’m Ecstatic Card by Donosdoodles

For your drag queen loving friends and family, this Bianca Del Rio Card by Prints with Personality card is perfect. It’s a funny way of saying that they will be able to keep one part of themselves forever!

For friends or colleagues that are leaving your life for a new job or opportunity, we love this You Won’t Be Missed Card by Blue Kiwi Design. It’s the perfect blend of deadpan humour and subtly relaying that you actually will miss them a little bit!

Provided that you and your significant other both enjoy some deadpan humour, this I’ve Decided to Keep You Card by Studio Yelle is a great choice.

Because of the pandemic, there’s nobody that wouldn’t understand this Positive News Card by Ellen Sarah Cawley. While it’s the positive that nobody wants to see, you’re sure to get a giggle from it! This makes it perfect as a get well soon card or maybe a backwards way of telling your loved ones some good news.

In addition to the other great designs by Prints with Personality shown above, these two are great for your pals that loved Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Next up, we have these great designs by Maxwell Makes and another by Prints with Personality. After all, what better example of deadpan humour is there, than calling somebody the “Comic Sans of the human race”?

Yet another fantastic design by Prints with Personality, this Pensioner Bus Pass Card is great for your friends and family on their birthday. However, only if you know they will appreciate the joke and laugh along with you!

This Annoying People Card by Studio Yelle is great for friends and family members with an August birthday. It’s particularly suitable for giving to annoying siblings!

So whether you’re looking for a deadpan greeting card for you best friend or your significant other, we have plenty of choice! Browse through over 250 of our fantastic artists, or our shop of over 6,000 card designs!

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No Valentine’s Card from Boyfriend?

No Valentine’s card from your boyfriend? We understand that it’s hard not to feel disappointed when this happens. With hearts and roses being thrust at us in every shop we visit, it can be difficult to understand how your partner could possibly forget such a special occasion!

But instead of getting mad about it, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your boyfriend to Wuzci, so that he never forgets Valentine’s Day again. After all, you’re not asking for the world here; just a card and maybe some chocolates so that you can feel appreciated in your relationship!

Valentine's banner with cards and chocolates

To avoid feeling disappointed next year, or for any other special occasion you have coming up (and to make sure you get a card on your birthday), send your boyfriend over to https://www.wuzci.com/try-wuzci to set up his subscription. All he has to do is enter his important dates (such as Valentine’s Day and your birthday) and then we’ll send out handy reminders to pick out a card with plenty of time to spare! 

Image shows a Wuzci subscription box, with greeting cards bursting out of it for Valentine's Day, birthdays, graduation and retirement celebrations.

We are here to make remembering occasions easy for you and your partner. Never forget a Valentine’s Day, birthday, graduation, or retirement again, and always have the perfect card for your loved ones. So if your boyfriend forget to get you a card for Valentine’s Day, we have the solution at Wuzci.

A Wuzci Small Sender subscription box, showing two greeting cards popping out.
Small Sender box
 ☑️ 2 cards per month
A Wuzci Friends & Family subscription box, showing four greeting cards popping out.
Friends & Family box
 ☑️ 4 cards per month
A Wuzci Social Superstar subscription box, showing eight cards popping out.
Social Superstar box
 ☑️ 8 cards per month

It’s also not too late to buy a one-off card from us! Browse our range of over 5,000 designs and find the perfect Valentine’s card. All orders placed before 3pm are sent out the same day, so it could be in your hands the very next day!

Image shows three Valentine's Day cards, ideal for boyfriends to send to their girlfriends. Card one says

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What are All the Benefits of Greeting Cards?

There are so many benefits to sending greeting cards. They’re an opportunity to express feelings, stay connected and support a thriving industry in a digital era.

Cards show that you care

A benefit of greeting cards is that everybody loves receiving a hand addressed envelope. Knowing that somebody sat down and took the time to write and seal a letter specifically for you, is a nice reminder that you’re appreciated.

To illustrate the first benefit of greeting cards, image shows hands writing a letter or a greeting card on the left. On the right the image shows a man smiling as he takes a greeting card out of the envelope.

Greeting cards are tactile.

Sending a greeting card is a way to share our emotions with one another in a real and tangible way. Whether you’re sharing sorrow with somebody, or celebrating a huge milestone. Cards are something we can hold in our hands or display proudly in our home.

Having a stash of greeting cards is great for when you need to send a card at short notice. They are also a more personal way of reaching out instead of a digital message.

They aren’t instant.

Tapping out a text can take less than a minute. Spending a bit of time crafting the perfect message in a greeting card really shows that you care. Not only did you go through the effort of composing a heartfelt message, but you took the time to choose the perfect design, buy a stamp and take it to a post-box. This small bit of extra effort shows that you’re invested in nurturing your relationship.

To show another benefit of greeting cards, the left side of the image shows someone writing a greeting card. The right side of the image shows somebody putting a letter into a Royal Mail post box.

Cards make us happy!

Not only do cards make the receivers happy, but there are emotional benefits for the sender too! Taking the time to write out a thoughtful message is a great opportunity to reflect on how lucky you are to have your relationships. It also feels great to make other people happy with our messages.

There are many more benefits to sending greeting cards. They make us feel good and they are a great way to support independent businesses. The list of reasons to send someone a card is endless, so it’s great to always have a few on hand. Whilst it’s important to remember the big things, such as birthdays, new babies or anniversaries, there are also lots of benefits to celebrating the little things in life.

Why not check out our fabulous range of over 5,000 cards and start feeling the benefits? Grab your first Wuzci box from just £1 here!

Image shows a Wuzci Social Superstar subscription box, with eight cards popping out.

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Subscription Box Packaging: How we are keeping it sustainable?

Subscription box packaging is an easy way to see where businesses really care about their product. It has to be durable enough to protect your goods, promote your brand and be easy to dispose of.

One of our missions at Wuzci is to keep everything as sustainable as possible. This includes the printing process, which stock we use for our cards, the packaging materials and the delivery method. Because of this, we have made our subscription box packaging completely plastic free!

So what does this mean for our cards?

Each of our subscription boxes is made entirely of recycled cardboard. There are even some recycled boxes within our boxes! Paper and card board are one of the most sustainable resources in the world. It’s easy to recycle and that means it’s completely hassle free for our subscribers! It just needs to be popped into your household recycling bin once you’re done with the box.

Image is a cropped photo of a Wuzci subscription box. The photo shows the recycled texture of the materials and parts of the design that reads,
Image shows an illustration of a man and three children placing litter into a recycling bag, highlighting the sustainable packaging.

Our cards and envelopes also contain recycled content and can be fully recycled once you have finished with then. We don’t use any plastics on the finish of our cards. Nor do we use foils, glitter or any other embellishments. We will only ever add those to our cards if we can source a sustainable and 100% recyclable way to do so.

Image is a photo of an open Wuzci subscription box. It shows four cards spread out, a subscriber date slip and the box on a wooden table background.

Another way we are keeping our packaging and product sustainable, is by avoiding mass production. All of our cards are printed to order and we don’t over produce our packaging. This means that we don’t have to store or waste any extra materials!

By keeping our packaging minimal, it means that we’re using less materials and that means there’s less waste to get rid of for the end user. There aren’t any unnecessary stickers, bands, bags or tape holding everything together. When you receive a box of Wuzci cards, you will simply get the cards, envelopes and your dates slip in a box that only has a single strip of glue to seal it!

Image reads

And that is how we keep our cards and our subscription box packaging sustainable! We keep it simple, make sure everything is easily recyclable and use limited materials!

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“Sorry to see you leave” Cards

Finding the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” Card

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when a friend, colleague or family member decides to leave their job or move away. We often want to feel happy to see them enter a new chapter in their life, but it’s also sad because you will miss them! This is why it’s so important to find the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” card to see them off. We’ve hand picked a few of our favourite Leaving Cards to help you.

If they like animal puns…

If you friend or colleague enjoy a good animal pun, maybe opting for a design that’s not so serious is the best way to go. We’re all familiar with the phrases “see you later alligator” and “in a while crocodile”, and these cards capture the light hearted nature perfectly. They both show that you care, but also say that you will see them soon!

For TV and Film lovers

Because we all have that one friend or colleague who is a complete Netflix addict… Opting for something that relates to their favourite tv show or film is a great way to find them a card they will love. This RuPaul with his iconic “Sashay Away” slogan is ideal for any Drag Race lovers! We also love the tongue in cheek “You Got Out” Leonardo DiCaprio card by Blind Faith because it signifies how we’ve all felt at some point in a job!

If you both like a bit of banter

If you’re losing your very best work friend, some times it’s funnier to make a joke about how much you won’t miss them! These two cards by Blue Kiwi Designs convey this perfectly and your friend is sure to know that you’re joking! (Mostly).

And for when you’re feeling sentimental

Because work/life just isn’t going to be the same without them and you’re suddenly feeling like a lost puppy! These cards by Ellen Sarah Cawley and Evezee really convey the “I’m actually going to miss you” vibe.

As always, there are plenty more cards to choose from on Wuzci if you haven’t quite found the perfect match just yet. Our shop has over 5,000 designs, all proudly crafted by our 250+ independent artists. And you can have them delivered to your door every month with a Wuzci subscription!

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Gin Birthday Cards

Finding the perfect Gin Birthday card

Are you looking for a gin birthday card? Well look no further, because we have hand picked a selection of gin themed cards designed by our fantastic Wuzci artists.

We have a variety of designs, some for your gin connoisseurs and some for the pink gin lovers in your life!

For the plain old Gin Lovers

For your friends and family who don’t need a special occasion to crack open the gin, how about these simple cards? No fancy illustration or beating around the bush – just plain old gin!

For the Sassy Gin drinkers

These designs are perfect for your gin loving friends who get a little bit smart-ass-y when they have a tipple. These brightly coloured cards are sure to pack a punch (just like their drink of choice!).

For those who like a slice of lemon

These punchy lemon cards are perfect for your friends who enjoy a zesty slice with their drink. And for those who truly believe that when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make a gin!

For the Gin Queens

These cards are perfect for the gin queens in your life! Whether they fancy themselves as the ultimate gin queen, or just love gin in every colour pink!

If you still haven’t found the perfect birthday card, you can explore over 5,000 more designs on our shop! And don’t forget you can sign up for a Wuzci subscription and get your first box for just £1 here.

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Subscription Box Sizes

Wuzci subscription box sizes are built with different lifestyles and tastes in mind. Whether you send one or two cards a month or love to send them every week! If you’re not sure which subscription box size would be best for you, keep reading for more details about each one.

All of the Wuzci Subscription boxes are sent out for the beginning of each month and include envelopes and a reminder slip, detailing the occasions you have listed for the month ahead.

What do you get in each Wuzci Subscription Box Size?

The Small Sender Box

Image shows a Small Sender Wuzci subscription box with two greeting cards popping out.

In the Small Sender box, you receive two greeting cards each month as well as your reminder slip. This is the cheapest subscription plan at £4 a month, meaning you’re only paying £2 per card! This price includes delivery and a portion of the sale goes directly to the artists that designed the cards you picked. The Small Sender box is perfect for those who don’t send cards that often. If you have any months where you don’t use your cards, they will roll over to the next month. Great if you have a few busy periods in the year, for instance!

Get your first Small Sender subscription box for £1

Friends and Family Box

The Wuzci Friends and Family box, you receive four greeting cards per month in addition to your reminder slip. This is the mid range subscription plan at £7 a month. With this subscription plan, you get even better value as it works out at only £1.75 per card! That’s a 15p saving per card when compared with the Small Sender plan and a saving of £1.24 compared to buying our cards individually. This plan is perfect if you often have a few occasions each month. And of course all of your unused cards roll over to be used during your busier months!

Get your first Friends & Family subscription box for £2

Social Superstar Box

And finally, the Social Super star subscription box! You receive a whopping 8 cards a month, as well as your occasion reminder slip. This is perfect if you are a total social butterfly and always have lots of birthdays (or other events) to celebrate! This box is just £10 a month, which equates to only £1.25 per card. Therefore, an even bigger saving of £1.75 if you compare it with buying a card individually.

Get your first Friends & Family subscription box for £4

All of the Wuzci subscription box sizes include your occasion reminder slips and free delivery. Simply enter your occasions after signing up, choose your cards and we’ll take care of the rest. Your chosen cards will be sent to you on a monthly basis and any unused cards will roll over to use later.

Image shows a Wuzci greeting card subscription box from the Friends and Family size plan.
Wuzci Subscriber Photo

So you can sit back, and never worry about forgetting to send a card again! Plus you can feel good about choosing a small business with eco values, and directly supporting independent artists.

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Artist Spotlight: Hotchocbunni

In our Artist Spotlight posts, we chat to some of our amazing artists about their work, what inspires them and whether they have any top tips to share with us! In our last post, we spoke to the lovely Amanda Summers of Half Pint Print. Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Amanda Lincoln, the creative mind behind Hotchocbunni.

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Amanda the designer/illustrator behind Hotchocbunni. I work from my studio at home in the garden surrounded by my 6 bunnies and my black Labrador Poppy when I feel up to it – I suffer with M.E & Fibromyalgia so can’t work full time I just like to keep my hand in and designing cards for Wuzci is such fun, I also sell other products via a few other sites Society6 and Zazzle.

Where did your creative journey start? Did you always want to do this?

I have always been creative – as is my mum, so she encouraged me to try so many different creative hobbies when I was young. I never intended to go for a creative career as I was to work for the family business (Tyres & Exhausts!) in an office doing book keeping and reception work but that really wasn’t for me. I was there around 2 years after I left school and used to love painting wildlife in my spare time. I used to take my paintings to a copy shop nearby and they offered me a job as a graphic designer because they liked my work. However, I didn’t have the confidence to take the job, but it drove me to apply for art college and that’s how my journey began. Since college my career history spans from designing licensed product for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros etc, to running my own handmade wedding stationery business.  I have always preferred working in design for kids or pretty girlie stuff and I think my style today portrays my love for both. 

Do you think greetings cards are important in the world today?

Yes definitely! I have worked (in one way or another) in the greetings card & stationery industry for over 20 years and haven’t seen any decline in demand. I think every one loves to receive ‘happy mail’ in the post especially around special occasions, after all, who doesn’t like to know that they are being thought about at those times. 

What inspires you to keep creating? How do you get past drawing block or boredom with your work?

One of my good friends Tina is a constant inspiration to me, she is so talented and as much as I know I will never be as good as her. We often meet up and she encourages me in a way that no one else does. I also love to look on Pinterest at kawaii products, Sanrio in particular have been a love of mine since I was a teenager.

Who are your favourite artists/creators at the moment?

I follow a lot of artists on insta and am currently loving the work of aidazamorailustacion and hope to be as good as Crafter of cute one day.

Can you tell us a little bit about your process? How do you create your work?

I keep a digital scrapbook of past work, other artists work and general images from the world around me which always gets me inspired. I work digitally, drawing in Adobe Illustrator and occasionally adding textures in Procreate or Photoshop. I find this is the best medium for me because my physical difficulties sometimes mean that I cannot sit at a desk for long so instead I can sit with my laptop on the sofa and keep going. 

If there was one piece of advice you could give to a creator at the beginning of their journey, what would it be?

Practice, practice, practice! I’d suggest looking up ‘Draw this in your style’ challenges on Insta where other artists illustrate something and ask you to draw it in your style, that way you build up your skills, gain confidence and make friends with other creatives. Also enter competitions, for example Spoonflower have ongoing surface pattern competitions that anyone can enter, however be warned that there are usually A LOT of entries so don’t be down hearted if you don’t win, it is just a bit of fun and great for building your portfolio and becoming a more accomplished artist.  Also always make sure that you check the T’s & C’s as some comps require you to hand over your copyright which is totally not acceptable. Over all I’d say ‘Have fun’, ‘work hard’, ‘have confidence in your work’ and ‘don’t give up’.

Finally, do you have any projects in the works or exciting things you would like to plug?

I have in the past licensed my own children’s wallpaper, scrap-booking and sticker ranges (amongst others) through large companies which I’d love to do again, but my health limitations currently mean that I can’t guarantee meeting strict deadlines etc so for now I am concentrating on my Wuzci shop and those mentioned above and hope to sell fabric via Spoonflower in the future.

Thanks to Amanda for sharing her words of wisdom and giving us a lovely bit of insight into her brand. If you’d like to see more of her collection on Wuzci, then check out the below button!

View Designs

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Artist Spotlight: Half Pint Print

Last week you might have seen our Artist Spotlight with Beverley Hopwood, where we talked to Bev about her creative process and her amazing work.

This week we’re featuring Amanda Summers, the wonderful creator behind the brand Half Pint Print. Amanda’s work is bright and often features adorable characters and fun word play. So if you’re interested in finding out how she creates her designs, keep on reading!

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Amanda, and I run an online illustrated stationery shop called Half Pint Print. I design wedding stationery, wall art and greetings cards.

What medium do you like to work with the most? Has this changed since you began your creative journey?

I love watercolours and an inky brush pen. I also like using collage. My bumble bee designs are made up with bits of textured papers and colouring pencils for the detail. I’ve pretty much been using these materials since the beginning of my illustration career. The watercolours are just so simple and easy to use. I can get designs produced pretty efficiently with this medium. Collage is great too. I like the interesting textures that it creates. It is something unique to other designs.

What or who inspires your work? Do you ever suffer with creative block?

I really love children’s picture books. I specialised in children’s book illustration at university. I love the appealing characters that you find in them, the simple stories and the bold striking designs of each page. These books were really what initially started my interest for a career in illustration.
It’s surprising, but I suffer from creative block every single day. Some days it takes me a while to get in the zone but I just look through my children’s book collection and get some inspiration. I don’t panic when I get creative block, it’s just part of the process and I always seem to produce work that I am really pleased with in the end.

Do you think greetings cards are important in the world today?

Yes, definitely! Even in a world that is turning into some sort of ‘digital era’, we all still love a bit of snail mail arriving on our doorstep!

If there was one piece of advice you could give to a creator at the beginning of their journey, what would it be?

Just keep drawing, and have fun with it. Whether it is for your career or even just for fun, it really is a lovely industry to be a part of.

Finally, do you have any exciting projects in the works that you’d like to talk about or anything that you’d like to plug?

I have just launched my first ever wholesale greetings card catalogue! I’ve been furloughed most of the Coronavirus pandemic and I really worked hard on designing over 140 new cards. I’m really looking forward to taking this next step in the greetings card industry.
I have also worked hard on my illustrated wedding stationery range. I now have a ‘Rustic Woodland’, ‘Tropical Caribbean’ and ‘Country Lavender’ themed wedding stationery in my online shop. Now that the wedding industry is finally emerging again from the pandemic, I’m beginning to see these designs in particular getting really popular.

Thankyou Amanda for sharing your words of wisdom!

If you’d like to check out Amanda’s full collection of cards on Wuzci then click the button below.

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