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Floral Greetings Cards for Birthdays and More!

Spring is upon us so that means its time to get your hands on some floral greetings cards! Here at Wuzci, we have hundreds of beautifully designed flower-covered birthday, anniversary, wedding or thank you cards.

birthday floral greetings cards

Floral Birthday Cards

Floral Age 60 Birthday Card by Duckduckle Design

We love this simple and pretty birthday card featuring number typography! It’s also available for those turning 10, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 70, 80 and 90.

Have a ‘Bee-autiful’ birthday Birthday Card by Rachel Lotts

Wish someone a bee-autiful birthday with this gorgeous floral greetings cards design by Rachel Lotts!

Wild Flower Garden Birthday Card by Paint to Paper Designs

This simple and yet beautiful flower-filled card by Paint to Paper Designs is the perfect floral card for a friend with a spring birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum Floral Birthday Card by Efni Design

We love the bright colours and pretty flowers in this amazing birthday card design! And it’s available for Nan, Gran, Auntie and general birthdays. There’s also a similar design available for Mother’s Day!

anniversary floral greetings cards

Anniversary Cards

Passion Flower Anniversary Card by Diana Birkett Design

Perfect for a parent, friend or loved one currently celebrating an anniversary! We love this delicate passion flower design.

I Blooming Love You Anniversary Card by Lucy Green

Let your significant other know you blooming love them on your anniversary with this cute floral greetings cards design by Lucy Green.

I like you………a lot Valentine’s Day Card by Beverley Hopwood

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, this I like you a lot design featuring an adorable heart shaped bouquet is a perfect pick.

Happy Anniversary Anniversary Card by Yasmin Dadabhoy

Keep it simple but lovely on your Anniversary with this Happy Anniversary design with a beautiful floral illustration.

wedding floral greetings cards

Wedding Cards

Wedding Wedding Card by Naomi Kate Designs

The perfect card for a beautiful bride on their wedding day! We love this colourful bouquet on this simple greetings card.

On Your Wedding Day Wedding Card by Reuben Duffy

This elegant wedding card design is one of our favourites in our floral greetings cards collection. We love the wistful design and fresh colours.

Wedding of the Year Wedding Card by Paper Valley Design

Celebrate the wedding of the year with this adorable wedding card design featuring beautiful florals by Paper Valley Design.

Flower Bouquet Engagement Card by Yasmin Mirmoez

For a newly engaged friend or for the big day, this pretty flower and diamond covered design is perfect for celebrating an opulent wedding.

thank you floral greetings cards

Thank You Floral Greetings Cards

Floral Thank You Thank you Card by Maddie Osborne

This simple wildflower bouquet thank you design is perfect for letting someone know you appreciate them! It’s also available in black!

You Are So Lovely General Card by Chloe Evans

What’s better than getting a card letting you know you’re lovely? We love this simple flower-filled general card by Chloe Evans.

PANSIES – THANK YOU Thank you Card by Teal Zebra

This watercolour pansy design from Teal Zebra is a gorgeous and bright design. Perfect to send to someone you’re grateful to.

Thank You Flowers Thank you Card by Klara Hawkins

Thank someone important with this pretty bouquet of vibrant flowers on Klara Hawkins thank you card design.


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Minimalist Birthday Cards: Our favourite designs!

A little can say a lot. Maybe you don’t know what to say, or maybe all the designs you’ve found seem a bit out there or garish. Sometimes, you just want something simple and meaningful. If you’re looking for minimalist birthday cards, Wuzci has you sorted! Take a look at some of our favourite paired-back designs available in our store.

These designs feature either minimalist text or simple illustrations that are eye-catching.

This minimalist birthday card features a modern, confetti inspired design with a soft and simple colour story.

A cute minimalist illustration of a dog in a box! Perfect for your pooch loving pal.

Don’t worry, be happy with this adorable minimalist birthday card design.

Inspired by the delightful way Irish people speak! Your favourite will love this card (so they will) and its minimalist design that still gets the message across.

A simple card just to say “Have a great day!” We love the bold lettering and minimalist colours.

One of our favourite delicate, floral and minimalist birthday cards for your mum!

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dinosaur birthday cards

Dinosaur Birthday Cards Available on Wuzci

Whether it’s for a kid who loves dinosaurs, or for your old-as-a-dinosaur mate, Wuzci has an amazing selection of dinosaur birthday cards to check out!

Birthday Cards for Kids who Love Dinosaurs

Dinosaur birthday cards for kids
Two dinosaur birhday cards: have a dinomite birthday and dinosaur party

Have A Dino-Mite Birthday Card by Lee Bee Designs

We love this dino-mite birthday card by Lee bee designs! Perfect for the dinosaur-loving kid in your life!

Dinosaur Party Birthday Card by Clarice Diamantino

Clarice Diamantino is the artist of creative design featuring polaroid pictures of dinosaurs having a party! So cute, you loved one is bound to snap it right up

TO A SUPER DUPER SON Birthday Card by Jennifer Bartlett

This super-duper design by Jennifer Bartlett is not only available for your dinosaur obsessed son, but grandson and step-son too!

Hope Your Birthday Is Roar-Some Card by Dot & Me

The perfect birthday card for little dinosaur fanatics, in fact, it’s totally roar-some!

2 dinosaur birthday cards: 1 to a super duper son, 1 hoping their bday is roar-some
three dinosaur birthday cards. a balloonasaurus rex, a kids totally roarsome design and a punky t-rex design

BalloonasaurusRex Birthday Card by Katcha Fun

RAWR it’s a BalloonasaurusRex! We love this bright and bold dinosaur birthday cards design by Katcha Fun!

Totally Roar-some! Card by Rachel Griffin Design

We love this adorable ‘totally roar-some’ dinosaur birthday card illustration by Rachel Griffin Design. AND you can get it with a blue dinosaur costume as well as this amazing pink colour!

T-REX Birthday Card by Beverley Hopwood

YEAH IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, WAVE THOSE TINY T-REX ARMS. This dinosaur birthday card is perfect for an older kid.

Cards for Adults as old as the Dinosaurs

four dinosaur themed bday cards for adults

Happy Birthday You Absolute Fossil Birthday Card by Prints with Personality

For the old age pensioner in your life, this one will surely bring a smile to their face. Just make sure their false teeth don’t fall out!

Prehistoric Card by Katcha Fun

We love this prehistoric design by Katcha Fun! Perfect for your friend who’s as old as a fossil.

two cards. one says happy bday you absolute fossil, the other is covered in bones and reads prehistoric
two cards. one says 'bloody dinosaur' the other is of a trex consoling a man saying 'as you get older noone ever asks what your favourite dinosaur is'

Bloody Dinosaur Birthday Card by Katcha Fun

Another amazing dinosaur birthday cards design from Katcha Fun! Send it to a bloody dinosaur

Funny Favourite Dinosaur Meme Birthday Card by Cupsies Creations

Send this funny favourite Dinosaur meme Birthday card to a friend or loved one for a laugh. Now they are older, no one will ever ask them what their favourite Dinosaur is!


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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No Valentine’s Card from Boyfriend?

No Valentine’s card from your boyfriend? We understand that it’s hard not to feel disappointed when this happens. With hearts and roses being thrust at us in every shop we visit, it can be difficult to understand how your partner could possibly forget such a special occasion!

But instead of getting mad about it, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your boyfriend to Wuzci, so that he never forgets Valentine’s Day again. After all, you’re not asking for the world here; just a card and maybe some chocolates so that you can feel appreciated in your relationship!

Valentine's banner with cards and chocolates

To avoid feeling disappointed next year, or for any other special occasion you have coming up (and to make sure you get a card on your birthday), send your boyfriend over to https://www.wuzci.com/try-wuzci to set up his subscription. All he has to do is enter his important dates (such as Valentine’s Day and your birthday) and then we’ll send out handy reminders to pick out a card with plenty of time to spare! 

Image shows a Wuzci subscription box, with greeting cards bursting out of it for Valentine's Day, birthdays, graduation and retirement celebrations.

We are here to make remembering occasions easy for you and your partner. Never forget a Valentine’s Day, birthday, graduation, or retirement again, and always have the perfect card for your loved ones. So if your boyfriend forget to get you a card for Valentine’s Day, we have the solution at Wuzci.

A Wuzci Small Sender subscription box, showing two greeting cards popping out.
Small Sender box
 ☑️ 2 cards per month
A Wuzci Friends & Family subscription box, showing four greeting cards popping out.
Friends & Family box
 ☑️ 4 cards per month
A Wuzci Social Superstar subscription box, showing eight cards popping out.
Social Superstar box
 ☑️ 8 cards per month

It’s also not too late to buy a one-off card from us! Browse our range of over 5,000 designs and find the perfect Valentine’s card. All orders placed before 3pm are sent out the same day, so it could be in your hands the very next day!

Image shows three Valentine's Day cards, ideal for boyfriends to send to their girlfriends. Card one says

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What are All the Benefits of Greeting Cards?

There are so many benefits to sending greeting cards. They’re an opportunity to express feelings, stay connected and support a thriving industry in a digital era.

Cards show that you care

A benefit of greeting cards is that everybody loves receiving a hand addressed envelope. Knowing that somebody sat down and took the time to write and seal a letter specifically for you, is a nice reminder that you’re appreciated.

To illustrate the first benefit of greeting cards, image shows hands writing a letter or a greeting card on the left. On the right the image shows a man smiling as he takes a greeting card out of the envelope.

Greeting cards are tactile.

Sending a greeting card is a way to share our emotions with one another in a real and tangible way. Whether you’re sharing sorrow with somebody, or celebrating a huge milestone. Cards are something we can hold in our hands or display proudly in our home.

Having a stash of greeting cards is great for when you need to send a card at short notice. They are also a more personal way of reaching out instead of a digital message.

They aren’t instant.

Tapping out a text can take less than a minute. Spending a bit of time crafting the perfect message in a greeting card really shows that you care. Not only did you go through the effort of composing a heartfelt message, but you took the time to choose the perfect design, buy a stamp and take it to a post-box. This small bit of extra effort shows that you’re invested in nurturing your relationship.

To show another benefit of greeting cards, the left side of the image shows someone writing a greeting card. The right side of the image shows somebody putting a letter into a Royal Mail post box.

Cards make us happy!

Not only do cards make the receivers happy, but there are emotional benefits for the sender too! Taking the time to write out a thoughtful message is a great opportunity to reflect on how lucky you are to have your relationships. It also feels great to make other people happy with our messages.

There are many more benefits to sending greeting cards. They make us feel good and they are a great way to support independent businesses. The list of reasons to send someone a card is endless, so it’s great to always have a few on hand. Whilst it’s important to remember the big things, such as birthdays, new babies or anniversaries, there are also lots of benefits to celebrating the little things in life.

Why not check out our fabulous range of over 5,000 cards and start feeling the benefits? Grab your first Wuzci box from just £1 here!

Image shows a Wuzci Social Superstar subscription box, with eight cards popping out.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Wuzci, be sure to follow us on our Instagram @wuzci or check out our Facebook page.

What is Palentine’s Day?

You’ve definitely heard of Valentine’s day and you may have heard of Galentine’s day, but what is Palentine’s day?

An alternative to Valentine’s day

An alternative to Valentine's Day

Whilst most people celebrate their significant others and romance on Valentine’s day, Palentine’s day was set up to celebrate a different kind of love! Commemorated on February 13th, this celebration encourages you to share some love with your friends. Whether it’s your childhood bestie, your uni flatmate, or your workplace pal… Palentine’s Day is the day to let them know you care about them!

Many can find the time around Valentine’s day, particularly those who are not in a romantic relationship, have recently got out of a romantic relationship, or identify as aromantic! Making February a time not just for romantic love but platonic too means everyone is included and everyone gets to feel the love of the most loving month!

Palentine’s Day vs Galentine’s Day

Palentine's Day vs Galentine's Day

Made famous by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day was posed as an alternative to Valentine’s day that celebrated female friendships! The difference between Galentine’s and Palentine’s is that Palentine’s doesn’t have to be celebrated by exclusively female friendship groups, meaning you can share the love with your male and non-binary friends too!

What to do on Palentine’s Day

What to do on Palentine's Day

Considering it’s a celebration of friendship, what better way to spend the day than with your friends? Call up your besties and spend the day together! Go out for dinner, catch the latest release at the cinema, head for drinks at your favourite bar… whatever it is, spend the time with friends.

Valentine’s day is also about gifting the ones you love! Both Oliver Bonas and Next have curated some treats for you to pick out for your friends this Palentines.

But if it’s cards you’re after, we’ve got you sorted…

Palentine’s Cards

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Valentine’s Day Cards for Everyone!

Struggling to decide on a card to add to your Wuzci subscription box this month? From your food-loving partner to your best friend, your sentimental significant other to LGBTQ+ couples, we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s day! Check out a selection of some of our favourite Valentine’s Day cards designs available on Wuzci.


a pink background with two food related valentine's day card designs.

Have a partner who seems to love food more than you? We have plenty of pun filled Valentine’s cards ripe for the picking! We love this ‘You’re my Jam!’ design from Urghh Card Co and Sophie Hargreaves‘ cheesy ‘We Brie-long Together’ illustration!

Film/TV Fans

If your dates always seem to be Netflix and Chilling, we have a perfect collection of film and TV themed Valentines Day cards! This Friends design from Blue Kiwi Design is perfect for your ‘lobster’ and we love this ‘TV Couple’ design from Droplette Design.


a pink background with two gaming themed valentine's day cards.

Whether it’s tabletop or console, we’ve got cards for that loveable gamer in your life! We love this D ‘n’ D inspired Valentines card design by Kyran Cressey and this adorable card by Cupsies Creations is perfect for your gaming beau.

The partner who you love almost as much as the dog

Even if they’re number two to your paw-some pal, Wuzci is full of adorable dog designs for Valentine’s Day! Ellen Sarah Cawley cute design gets the message across and we love this adorably pug design from Katie Illustrated.

The partner who you love almost as much as the cat

a pink and red background with two cat-themed valentine's day cards.

If your partner is more of a cat-person, we have just the cards for them! These adorable kitten-covered greetings cards from Noonday Design and Katerina Kirpa are purr-fect for your cat loving better half.

Married Couples

If you’re looking for something a little more specific, we have some amazing designs! These Husband/Wife cards from The Boy and The Bear are some of our favs!

LGBTQ+ Couples

a pink background with four lgbtq+ valentine's day cards.

We know how restrictive some Valentine’s cards can be, which is why we’re so proud of some of our artists LGBTQ+ designs available on Wuzci. Whether it’s Riad Mannan‘s diverse couple designs, Real Queens Eat Pizza‘s beautiful ‘Love is Love’ illustration, or The Art of Meriodoc‘s gorgeous ‘Love has no gender’ design with an important message, we’ve got your Valentine’s Day sorted!


Who says Valentine’s cards should just be for romantic partners? Celebrate the love of your friends this Valentine’s Day by sending them a galentines or palentines card! We love Efni Design‘s retro and groovy palentines and galentines designs and Kelle Boyd‘s simple hugs and kisses card for anyone you want to share the love with this February!

Sentimental Cards

a pink and red background with two valentine's day cards on top

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day cards with a sentimental message then look no further than these designs. We love this ‘Happy Heart’ design from Beth Fletcher and Katerina Kirpa‘s ‘Everything is better with you’ illustration!

Rude Cards

If you’re looking for something a bit more fun this Valentine’s Day, why not Droplette Design‘s cheeky ‘abcde FU’ design or the hilarious ‘Dirty Texts’ card from TeePee Creations

Small Business Saturday: How To Support Small Businesses

It’s #smallbusinesssaturday this weekend which means it’s the perfect time to support your favourite small businesses! Now that it’s December, it’s time to start buying Christmas presents so what better way to get your loved ones something meaningful thatn buying an independent alternative and supporting a local creative?

We know these last few years have been tough for everyone and you may not be able to support the businesses you love financially this Christmas. So, we’ve come up with a guide to help you show your support on small business Saturday that doesn’t always have to break the bank! We also have some ideas for gifts from some of our favourite small companies as well as some perfect Wuzci card pairings to go with them!

How to support small businesses

Buying products

Of course this one seems simple… but how many times have you bought something online without thinking about whether you could buy from a small/local business? When you shop from a small business, you are funding someone’s dream! Next time you think of a gift idea (or even a treat for yourself) see if a local or small online business has what you’re looking for!

Following on social media and interacting with their posts

Following and interacting with small businesses on social media is a great way to show your support! If you can’t afford to financially support the businesses you love but still want to support them, interacting with their socials can help boost their presence and puts their business out there for others to see and potentially buy from!

Sharing with friends

If you love a business and think your friends would too, why not share it? Whether that’s by sharing a post of theirs on your Facebook or Instagram stories, or through literal word of mouth, getting the word out about a small business you love can help them grow their following!

Leaving reviews

If you’ve purchased from a small business before, leaving a review on their site or on trustpilot will help them gain more customers and boost their sales! An added bonus is spreading a little positivity and letting a creator know how much you appreciate their work.

Buying giftcards

Don’t know what to get your friend or know you will want something later but you aren’t sure right now? Buy a giftcard! If a local or small business offers giftcards, they can be a great way to show your support for what they do AND share the business with friends and family.

Signing up to newsletters

If a business has a newsletter, sign up! Investing in a small business is investing in someone’s dream and what better way to keep up with a business’ progress than signing up to hear all about the shop’s updates and growth?!

Wuzci cards and independent gifts

Studio Yelle

One of our artists here at Wuzci, Studio Yelle sells products featuring their designs on their Etsy store too! We love this card design for your fabulous friends and these motivational and positive gifts from their store are sure to put a smile on your loved ones faces!

Highgrove Cards + Punky Pins

Punky pins doesn’t just sell pins, they sell socks, stickers, hipflasks, washi tape… We love this ‘In Autosave We Trust’ pin and these cute rainbow socks and think they pair perfectly with this Highgrover cards Christmas card design!

Chloe Evans + Amica Aromas

December means it’s time to get cosy! This design from Chloe Evans is a festive favourite at Wuzci and it goes brilliantly with these candles or a pampering gift set from Amica Aromas!

Urghh Card Co

Another one of our Wuzci artists, we love their cute designs! From their store, we especially love their wrapping paper and stickers!

Patzifatz Draws + Mr. B’s

Why not use Christmas as an excuse to get lost in a good book? Mr. B’s Emporium is located in Bath, but their reading subscriptions can be sent all over the world! Treat yourself or a friend with some good reads this Christmas and pair it with this bookish design from Patzifatz Draws.

Pink+Pip + Millie’s Pottery

Can’t stop listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) these two creators give us all the T-Swift vibes! Millie’s Pottery releases beautiful handmade mugs in small batches but each one is beautiful and unique and works perfectly with this cardigan design from Pink + Pip!

Ellen Sarah Crawley + Honest Outlaw

Pamper yourself or give the gift of a pampering to a loved one with these grooming kits from small business Honest Outlaw. Their rustic packaging goes great with this warm and cosy design from Ellen Sarah Crawley!


Another Wuzci artist with both amazing designs here on Wuzci and some adorable products in their own store! Kick of 2022 right with their gratitude journal or decorate your favourite jacket or bag with these cute mini pins!

Jo Rose + Livia Wednesday

Livia Wednesday’s vintage inspired jewellery is the perfect independent substitute for jewellery from a big chain store! Their cute plant earrings go amazingly with Jo Rose’s beautifully illustrated plant cards.

Amy Cole + Purple Paws Boutique

Gifts aren’t just for humans. Treat your dog to some of these adorable creations from Purple Paws Boutique! They go great with Amy Cole’s cute Dalmation card design on Wuzci!

Craft the perfect Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner so you know what that means… time to start shopping for your Christmas cards! Here at Wuzci, we’re tired of the same old department store box sets of cards with no personality. So, we’ve created the perfect way for you to handpick cards for your loved ones, especially for them – all arriving at your door in one neat little box! Our card subscription boxes make sure nobody is left out this Christmas, with over four thousand designs in our store to choose from! Best of all, they’re all designed by independent artists AND are made of recyclable materials, so you know you’re helping to contribute to local businesses and save the environment!

We know it can be difficult to find cards to please everyone, so here are some ideas for you to get started!

For Dog Lovers

Need a card for your dog-obsessed pal? Here are some perfect pooch-themed Christmas cards:

For Cat Lovers

Feline Festive? Here are some cards for the cat person in your life:

For Music Listeners

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas song? Here are some cards for the friend that starts playing the Michael Buble Christmas album in October:

For Movie Watchers

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! These movie inspired christmas cards are perfect for the film critic in your life:

For Foodies

Here are a few picks for that friend that is first to buy the Mince Pies from the Christmas aisle:

For Drinking Buddies

What’s Christmas without a little mulled wine or eggnog? Here are some cards guaranteed to get your loved ones in the Christmas spirit:

Christmas Card reading 'Mulled Wine' and an illustration of mulled wine
Mulled Wine by Lolly and Lauren

For the Girls

Christmas is not just about family, but friends too! Celebrate your galpals this Christmas with these cards:

For the Jokers

Some picks for the friend that won’t rest with the Christmas puns:

For the Traditionalists

Cards for those that just love Christmas

For Bookworms

These cards are perfect to slide a bookshop gift-card into for that book-addicted bff:

To craft your Wuzci Subscription box, head here to set up your plan!

Writing a Thoughtful Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card is a task that nobody wants to have to do. It’s not an enjoyable occasion and often something that we can’t plan for. But, it is an important gesture to show our support during a difficult time. It can also be a practical way to offer some much needed help.

Nobody wants to risk writing the wrong thing, so here are some tips help you relax and write a thoughtful message that shows you care.

After picking out the perfect card, these phrases can be a good place to start:

  • “We are so sorry for your loss”
  • “With deepest sympathy, as you remember ______”
  • “My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time”
  • “Thinking of you and wishing you moments of peace and comfort as you remember a loved one”
  • “I’m deeply sorry your family is experiencing the pain of a loss like this. My heart goes out to each of you.”
  • “It’s going to take time to get through the shock of this loss. Just want you to know we’ll be here for you all the way.”
  • “We were surprised and saddened to hear of _______ passing. We will miss them very much”

If you are writing to friends or family members of the deceased who may not know you, it might be thoughtful to mention how you knew their loved one. Sharing a little anecdote can help grieving family members or friends feel closer to those no longer with them. It can also be comforting to hear that others thought highly of their loved one, so be sure to let your recipients know.

  • “I feel so lucky to have known them. They lived an extraordinary life and I will never forget the time we ______”
  • “_____ touched so many lives for the good. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful colleague and friend. We will all miss her very much.”
  • “The funeral service was a great tribute to him and all that he has done for our community. ______ was a kind and generous man who will be missed greatly.”

If you’re in a position to help out your recipient in any way, be sure to let them know. People often don’t reach out when they are grieving because they don’t want to feel like a burden to their friends or family members. Offering something specific, such as taking over food or mowing their lawn, can be a great help during somebody’s grieving process and a good segue to check in on them.

  • “Thinking of you and your family. I’d like to help in any way I can. I’ll call later this week to see when would be a good time to bring over a meal for you.”
  • “I know that _______ used to take care of mowing the lawn. I’d love to come and help out with that.”
  • “You have so much on your mind right now, so let me give you one less thing to worry about and take care of ________”

The important thing about offering help is to follow through with it. After you’ve sent your card, give them a phone call after a couple of days to make plans.

So whether the card says it all for you, or you’ve written an extra message inside, sending a Sympathy card is an important, thoughtful touch that can help a person feel less alone during their grief.

Browse Sympathy Cards

If you don’t have time to write out your card by hand and post it, consider trying out our “Direct to recipient” feature.

Our unique fonts adapt to look like real handwriting and give your messages the perfect personal touch.