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Floral Greetings Cards for Birthdays and More!

Spring is upon us so that means its time to get your hands on some floral greetings cards! Here at Wuzci, we have hundreds of beautifully designed flower-covered birthday, anniversary, wedding or thank you cards.

birthday floral greetings cards

Floral Birthday Cards

Floral Age 60 Birthday Card by Duckduckle Design

We love this simple and pretty birthday card featuring number typography! It’s also available for those turning 10, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 70, 80 and 90.

Have a ‘Bee-autiful’ birthday Birthday Card by Rachel Lotts

Wish someone a bee-autiful birthday with this gorgeous floral greetings cards design by Rachel Lotts!

Wild Flower Garden Birthday Card by Paint to Paper Designs

This simple and yet beautiful flower-filled card by Paint to Paper Designs is the perfect floral card for a friend with a spring birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum Floral Birthday Card by Efni Design

We love the bright colours and pretty flowers in this amazing birthday card design! And it’s available for Nan, Gran, Auntie and general birthdays. There’s also a similar design available for Mother’s Day!

anniversary floral greetings cards

Anniversary Cards

Passion Flower Anniversary Card by Diana Birkett Design

Perfect for a parent, friend or loved one currently celebrating an anniversary! We love this delicate passion flower design.

I Blooming Love You Anniversary Card by Lucy Green

Let your significant other know you blooming love them on your anniversary with this cute floral greetings cards design by Lucy Green.

I like you………a lot Valentine’s Day Card by Beverley Hopwood

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, this I like you a lot design featuring an adorable heart shaped bouquet is a perfect pick.

Happy Anniversary Anniversary Card by Yasmin Dadabhoy

Keep it simple but lovely on your Anniversary with this Happy Anniversary design with a beautiful floral illustration.

wedding floral greetings cards

Wedding Cards

Wedding Wedding Card by Naomi Kate Designs

The perfect card for a beautiful bride on their wedding day! We love this colourful bouquet on this simple greetings card.

On Your Wedding Day Wedding Card by Reuben Duffy

This elegant wedding card design is one of our favourites in our floral greetings cards collection. We love the wistful design and fresh colours.

Wedding of the Year Wedding Card by Paper Valley Design

Celebrate the wedding of the year with this adorable wedding card design featuring beautiful florals by Paper Valley Design.

Flower Bouquet Engagement Card by Yasmin Mirmoez

For a newly engaged friend or for the big day, this pretty flower and diamond covered design is perfect for celebrating an opulent wedding.

thank you floral greetings cards

Thank You Floral Greetings Cards

Floral Thank You Thank you Card by Maddie Osborne

This simple wildflower bouquet thank you design is perfect for letting someone know you appreciate them! It’s also available in black!

You Are So Lovely General Card by Chloe Evans

What’s better than getting a card letting you know you’re lovely? We love this simple flower-filled general card by Chloe Evans.

PANSIES – THANK YOU Thank you Card by Teal Zebra

This watercolour pansy design from Teal Zebra is a gorgeous and bright design. Perfect to send to someone you’re grateful to.

Thank You Flowers Thank you Card by Klara Hawkins

Thank someone important with this pretty bouquet of vibrant flowers on Klara Hawkins thank you card design.


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Plant Cards: Greetings Cards for Plant Lovers

We all have a friend whose house is quickly becoming their own personal indoor jungle… If your plant-obsessed friend has an event coming up, why not get them a card from the array of plant cards available on Wuzci! Here’s just a few of our favourites…

Plant Birthday Cards

plant birthday cards on wuzci
happy birthday plant cards

Plant Happy Birthday Card by Sharon Illustrates

This adorable plant design by Sharon Illustrates is sure to brighten up your friends special day! We love the vibrant plant pots and pastel background.

Plant Lady Birthday Card by Quince Prints

If your friend is a little crazy with their plant obsession, this is the perfect card for them! We love the luscious green colour Hannah has used for the plants!

Crazy Plant Lady Birthday Card by Heather Ledbetter-Lyon

Another Crazy Plant lady design for the friend who treats their plants like they’re pets!

Happy Birthday Card by Lolly and Lauren

We love this simple green Monstera plant card design from Lolly and Lauren! Perfect for a plant lovers birthday.

more happy birthday plant cards

General Plant Cards

plant cards on wuzci
new home card, succs to see you go

Happy New Home Card by Dinky Rouge

This succulent-covered card design from Dinky Rouge is perfect to send to a friend who is moving into a new place! We love the pastel colour scheme and adorable patterns on the pots!

Succulent Leaving Day Card by Caitlin Draws Things

What’s better than a plant card? A punny plant card! This super-cute ‘succs to see you go’ design by Caitlin Draws Things is a great card to send to your plant-loving coworker who got a new job or a friend moving out of town!

Grow Through General Card by Katie Illustrated

This design by Katie Illustrated is the perfect design to send to a friend who may be having a tough time. We love the positive message and cute little teapot plants!

Plant Addict General Card by Amy Cole

This card gets to the point fast! Whether it’s for a birthday, a thank you or just a little note to a friend, we love this colourful plant addict design from Amy Cole!

grow through what you go through, plant addict cards

Jo Rose’s Plant Collection

jo rose plant cards
three plant cards

Some of the most popular cards on our site, Jo Rose’s plant cards are perfect for any occassion! Whether it’s a birthday, a thank you, new home or just a card to say hello, we love the pastel colours and diverse plant designs!

Parlour Palm General Card

An elegant Palm to send to a plant loving friend.

Calathea Zebrina General Card

A cute Calathea to add to a house plant lover’s collection!

Monstera Deliciosa General Card

Also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera is a symbol of long life.

Z Z Plant General Card

Spread a little Tropical love with the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, which originates from Zanzibar.

Peace Lily General Card

A pretty Peace Lily to celebrate those tranquil moments in life.

two plant cards


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Minimalist Birthday Cards: Our favourite designs!

A little can say a lot. Maybe you don’t know what to say, or maybe all the designs you’ve found seem a bit out there or garish. Sometimes, you just want something simple and meaningful. If you’re looking for minimalist birthday cards, Wuzci has you sorted! Take a look at some of our favourite paired-back designs available in our store.

These designs feature either minimalist text or simple illustrations that are eye-catching.

This minimalist birthday card features a modern, confetti inspired design with a soft and simple colour story.

A cute minimalist illustration of a dog in a box! Perfect for your pooch loving pal.

Don’t worry, be happy with this adorable minimalist birthday card design.

Inspired by the delightful way Irish people speak! Your favourite will love this card (so they will) and its minimalist design that still gets the message across.

A simple card just to say “Have a great day!” We love the bold lettering and minimalist colours.

One of our favourite delicate, floral and minimalist birthday cards for your mum!

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dinosaur birthday cards

Dinosaur Birthday Cards Available on Wuzci

Whether it’s for a kid who loves dinosaurs, or for your old-as-a-dinosaur mate, Wuzci has an amazing selection of dinosaur birthday cards to check out!

Birthday Cards for Kids who Love Dinosaurs

Dinosaur birthday cards for kids
Two dinosaur birhday cards: have a dinomite birthday and dinosaur party

Have A Dino-Mite Birthday Card by Lee Bee Designs

We love this dino-mite birthday card by Lee bee designs! Perfect for the dinosaur-loving kid in your life!

Dinosaur Party Birthday Card by Clarice Diamantino

Clarice Diamantino is the artist of creative design featuring polaroid pictures of dinosaurs having a party! So cute, you loved one is bound to snap it right up

TO A SUPER DUPER SON Birthday Card by Jennifer Bartlett

This super-duper design by Jennifer Bartlett is not only available for your dinosaur obsessed son, but grandson and step-son too!

Hope Your Birthday Is Roar-Some Card by Dot & Me

The perfect birthday card for little dinosaur fanatics, in fact, it’s totally roar-some!

2 dinosaur birthday cards: 1 to a super duper son, 1 hoping their bday is roar-some
three dinosaur birthday cards. a balloonasaurus rex, a kids totally roarsome design and a punky t-rex design

BalloonasaurusRex Birthday Card by Katcha Fun

RAWR it’s a BalloonasaurusRex! We love this bright and bold dinosaur birthday cards design by Katcha Fun!

Totally Roar-some! Card by Rachel Griffin Design

We love this adorable ‘totally roar-some’ dinosaur birthday card illustration by Rachel Griffin Design. AND you can get it with a blue dinosaur costume as well as this amazing pink colour!

T-REX Birthday Card by Beverley Hopwood

YEAH IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, WAVE THOSE TINY T-REX ARMS. This dinosaur birthday card is perfect for an older kid.

Cards for Adults as old as the Dinosaurs

four dinosaur themed bday cards for adults

Happy Birthday You Absolute Fossil Birthday Card by Prints with Personality

For the old age pensioner in your life, this one will surely bring a smile to their face. Just make sure their false teeth don’t fall out!

Prehistoric Card by Katcha Fun

We love this prehistoric design by Katcha Fun! Perfect for your friend who’s as old as a fossil.

two cards. one says happy bday you absolute fossil, the other is covered in bones and reads prehistoric
two cards. one says 'bloody dinosaur' the other is of a trex consoling a man saying 'as you get older noone ever asks what your favourite dinosaur is'

Bloody Dinosaur Birthday Card by Katcha Fun

Another amazing dinosaur birthday cards design from Katcha Fun! Send it to a bloody dinosaur

Funny Favourite Dinosaur Meme Birthday Card by Cupsies Creations

Send this funny favourite Dinosaur meme Birthday card to a friend or loved one for a laugh. Now they are older, no one will ever ask them what their favourite Dinosaur is!


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Multipack greeting cards vs. a Wuzci subscription

One of our goals with Wuzci was to challenge the conventional multipack of greeting cards you can find in your local supermarket. We wanted to take the convenience of those packs of cards and mix it with the ability to select exactly what you want. 

Here are five ways Wuzci is better than a traditional multi-pack of cards:

1. More choice than multipacks

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: More choice

Often the cards you see in multipacks are either the same design or extremely similar and usually for the same event. With a Wuzci subscription, each month you can pick a card that’s perfect for your intended recipient out of over 5,000 designs. That way, whether you need a card for a birthday, a wedding or a Bah Mitzvah, you can get a hand-picked multipack every month. 

2. Less waste

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: Less waste

Because you have so much choice over what cards you get each month, there’s less waste! Instead of odd birthday cards from a multipack of greeting cards sitting in a cupboard unused for years, you get exactly what you need, when you need it! And, all our packaging is made of recyclable materials and can be put in your recycling bin!

3. More convenient than multipacks

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: More convenient

Multipacks of greeting cards are convenient, but a Wuzci subscription is even more so. You don’t even have to leave your house to find a box of perfectly crafted cards. Our handy online shop means you can add exactly what you need whenever and wherever you want, and your cards will be delivered to you at the beginning of each month! 

4. Supporting independent artists

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: Support independent artists

Unlike a lot of multipacks, Wuzci is totally transparent about whose art is on the front of your cards. On the back of every greeting card, we let you know exactly who you are supporting and a little about them! You can rest easy knowing that by buying a Wuzci card, you’ve helped to support an independent artist.

5. Value for money

Value for money

Wuzci uses high-quality eco-friendly materials to make your greeting cards and offer them for a competitive price. AND if you sign up today you can try your first 4-card-box for just £1!


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Eid Greeting Cards: Celebrate with these great designs

Eid is celebrated by Muslims around the world because it marks the end of the month-long fasting of Ramadan. It is a time of prayer, charity, gift giving and social gatherings. We think Eid greeting cards are a great opportunity to send a heartwarming message to a loved one! It’s a great time to tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them.

We’ve pulled together a few Eid cards created by our fantastic Wuzci artist commnity to give you a bit of inspiration.

We love the bright colours in Mindikr’s Eid Mubarak pattern card. It’s sure to add a pop of colour to any mantle. But if you’re looking for something a bit more sleek and sophisticated, Roshah Designs’ Eid Mubarak Script card is perfect!

We don’t just have Eid greeting cards! It’s also a lovely idea to send out a “Ramadan Mubarak” to your friends and family during the holy month. This blue mandala design by Roshah Designs is perfect!

Now is the perfect time to pick out your Eid greeting cards. It’s a simple gesture that shows your loved ones that you are thinking about them, and is a sure way to put a smile on their face!

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Deadpan Greeting Cards: Wuzci’s top picks

Deadpan greeting cards are great for friends and family that share a good sense of humour with you. The cards could relate to a favourite TV show or film, or perhaps poke fun at the perks of growing older. Here are a few of our favourite cards by some of our fantastic Wuzci artists.

We love this R.I.P Youth card by Urghh Card Co. It perfectly sums up how we all feel as we get further away from our youthful years.

Of course we also couldn’t put together this list without including the king of deadpan humour, Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99. It’s impossible to read this card without hearing his voice in your head! Captain Holt I’m Ecstatic Card by Donosdoodles

For your drag queen loving friends and family, this Bianca Del Rio Card by Prints with Personality card is perfect. It’s a funny way of saying that they will be able to keep one part of themselves forever!

For friends or colleagues that are leaving your life for a new job or opportunity, we love this You Won’t Be Missed Card by Blue Kiwi Design. It’s the perfect blend of deadpan humour and subtly relaying that you actually will miss them a little bit!

Provided that you and your significant other both enjoy some deadpan humour, this I’ve Decided to Keep You Card by Studio Yelle is a great choice.

Because of the pandemic, there’s nobody that wouldn’t understand this Positive News Card by Ellen Sarah Cawley. While it’s the positive that nobody wants to see, you’re sure to get a giggle from it! This makes it perfect as a get well soon card or maybe a backwards way of telling your loved ones some good news.

In addition to the other great designs by Prints with Personality shown above, these two are great for your pals that loved Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Next up, we have these great designs by Maxwell Makes and another by Prints with Personality. After all, what better example of deadpan humour is there, than calling somebody the “Comic Sans of the human race”?

Yet another fantastic design by Prints with Personality, this Pensioner Bus Pass Card is great for your friends and family on their birthday. However, only if you know they will appreciate the joke and laugh along with you!

This Annoying People Card by Studio Yelle is great for friends and family members with an August birthday. It’s particularly suitable for giving to annoying siblings!

So whether you’re looking for a deadpan greeting card for you best friend or your significant other, we have plenty of choice! Browse through over 250 of our fantastic artists, or our shop of over 6,000 card designs!

If you’d like to keep up to date with Wuzci, be sure to follow us on our Instagram @wuzci or check out our Facebook page.

Wuzci logo

What are All the Benefits of Greeting Cards?

There are so many benefits to sending greeting cards. They’re an opportunity to express feelings, stay connected and support a thriving industry in a digital era.

Cards show that you care

A benefit of greeting cards is that everybody loves receiving a hand addressed envelope. Knowing that somebody sat down and took the time to write and seal a letter specifically for you, is a nice reminder that you’re appreciated.

To illustrate the first benefit of greeting cards, image shows hands writing a letter or a greeting card on the left. On the right the image shows a man smiling as he takes a greeting card out of the envelope.

Greeting cards are tactile.

Sending a greeting card is a way to share our emotions with one another in a real and tangible way. Whether you’re sharing sorrow with somebody, or celebrating a huge milestone. Cards are something we can hold in our hands or display proudly in our home.

Having a stash of greeting cards is great for when you need to send a card at short notice. They are also a more personal way of reaching out instead of a digital message.

They aren’t instant.

Tapping out a text can take less than a minute. Spending a bit of time crafting the perfect message in a greeting card really shows that you care. Not only did you go through the effort of composing a heartfelt message, but you took the time to choose the perfect design, buy a stamp and take it to a post-box. This small bit of extra effort shows that you’re invested in nurturing your relationship.

To show another benefit of greeting cards, the left side of the image shows someone writing a greeting card. The right side of the image shows somebody putting a letter into a Royal Mail post box.

Cards make us happy!

Not only do cards make the receivers happy, but there are emotional benefits for the sender too! Taking the time to write out a thoughtful message is a great opportunity to reflect on how lucky you are to have your relationships. It also feels great to make other people happy with our messages.

There are many more benefits to sending greeting cards. They make us feel good and they are a great way to support independent businesses. The list of reasons to send someone a card is endless, so it’s great to always have a few on hand. Whilst it’s important to remember the big things, such as birthdays, new babies or anniversaries, there are also lots of benefits to celebrating the little things in life.

Why not check out our fabulous range of over 5,000 cards and start feeling the benefits? Grab your first Wuzci box from just £1 here!

Image shows a Wuzci Social Superstar subscription box, with eight cards popping out.

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Subscription Box Packaging: How we are keeping it sustainable?

Subscription box packaging is an easy way to see where businesses really care about their product. It has to be durable enough to protect your goods, promote your brand and be easy to dispose of.

One of our missions at Wuzci is to keep everything as sustainable as possible. This includes the printing process, which stock we use for our cards, the packaging materials and the delivery method. Because of this, we have made our subscription box packaging completely plastic free!

So what does this mean for our cards?

Each of our subscription boxes is made entirely of recycled cardboard. There are even some recycled boxes within our boxes! Paper and card board are one of the most sustainable resources in the world. It’s easy to recycle and that means it’s completely hassle free for our subscribers! It just needs to be popped into your household recycling bin once you’re done with the box.

Image is a cropped photo of a Wuzci subscription box. The photo shows the recycled texture of the materials and parts of the design that reads,
Image shows an illustration of a man and three children placing litter into a recycling bag, highlighting the sustainable packaging.

Our cards and envelopes also contain recycled content and can be fully recycled once you have finished with then. We don’t use any plastics on the finish of our cards. Nor do we use foils, glitter or any other embellishments. We will only ever add those to our cards if we can source a sustainable and 100% recyclable way to do so.

Image is a photo of an open Wuzci subscription box. It shows four cards spread out, a subscriber date slip and the box on a wooden table background.

Another way we are keeping our packaging and product sustainable, is by avoiding mass production. All of our cards are printed to order and we don’t over produce our packaging. This means that we don’t have to store or waste any extra materials!

By keeping our packaging minimal, it means that we’re using less materials and that means there’s less waste to get rid of for the end user. There aren’t any unnecessary stickers, bands, bags or tape holding everything together. When you receive a box of Wuzci cards, you will simply get the cards, envelopes and your dates slip in a box that only has a single strip of glue to seal it!

Image reads

And that is how we keep our cards and our subscription box packaging sustainable! We keep it simple, make sure everything is easily recyclable and use limited materials!

If you’d like to keep up to date with Wuzci, be sure to follow us on our Instagram @wuzci or check out our Facebook page.

“Sorry to see you leave” Cards

Finding the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” Card

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when a friend, colleague or family member decides to leave their job or move away. We often want to feel happy to see them enter a new chapter in their life, but it’s also sad because you will miss them! This is why it’s so important to find the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” card to see them off. We’ve hand picked a few of our favourite Leaving Cards to help you.

If they like animal puns…

If you friend or colleague enjoy a good animal pun, maybe opting for a design that’s not so serious is the best way to go. We’re all familiar with the phrases “see you later alligator” and “in a while crocodile”, and these cards capture the light hearted nature perfectly. They both show that you care, but also say that you will see them soon!

For TV and Film lovers

Because we all have that one friend or colleague who is a complete Netflix addict… Opting for something that relates to their favourite tv show or film is a great way to find them a card they will love. This RuPaul with his iconic “Sashay Away” slogan is ideal for any Drag Race lovers! We also love the tongue in cheek “You Got Out” Leonardo DiCaprio card by Blind Faith because it signifies how we’ve all felt at some point in a job!

If you both like a bit of banter

If you’re losing your very best work friend, some times it’s funnier to make a joke about how much you won’t miss them! These two cards by Blue Kiwi Designs convey this perfectly and your friend is sure to know that you’re joking! (Mostly).

And for when you’re feeling sentimental

Because work/life just isn’t going to be the same without them and you’re suddenly feeling like a lost puppy! These cards by Ellen Sarah Cawley and Evezee really convey the “I’m actually going to miss you” vibe.

As always, there are plenty more cards to choose from on Wuzci if you haven’t quite found the perfect match just yet. Our shop has over 5,000 designs, all proudly crafted by our 250+ independent artists. And you can have them delivered to your door every month with a Wuzci subscription!

If you’d like to keep up to date with Wuzci, be sure to follow us on our Instagram @wuzci or check out our Facebook page.