dog birthday cards

Dog Birthday Cards for Dogs and Dog-People

Whether you’re buying a birthday card for your four-legged friend or dog birthday cards for your puppy-loving friends, Wuzci has the card for you! We’ve got hundreds of pooch covered designs available on our store. Why not order one or sign up to our subscription service and add it to your box?

Dog Birthday Cards For the Dog

Who says dogs can’t appreciate a birthday card? Not us! Though these designs could be for humans, why not send your pet a card to celebrate them taking another trip round the sun? We love these designs from Sophie Hargreaves and Cupsies Creations

For Dog-Lovers

If you have a friend or family member that stops to pet every dog you walk past, we’ve got the perfect card for them! We love this dachshund and balloon design by Esme Lintin and this adorable yellow card from Klara Hawkins.

Sketchy Hounds Dog Birthday Cards

Sketchy Hounds whole profile is dedicated to adorable dog birthday cards! They’re perfect for either your pooch or your pooch-obsessed pal.

Ash Victoria Rowe

It’s not hard to see why some of Ash Victoria Rowe‘s birthday cards are some of our best sellers! We love the variety of dogs available on their designs and theyre perfect for any pet-owner on their birthday (don’t worry! She has some adorable cat-centric designs available too).

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belated birthday card header

Belated Birthday Card Designs So Good They’ll Forgive You Instantly

We’ve all been in need of a belated birthday card. Whether it’s your best mate’s birthday, your mum’s or your quiet coworker’s… sometimes, we just forget! These cards available to buy at Wuzci are perfect when you need to send a card past the date!

Belated Birthday Card Designs

Hope You Don’t Mind, I Forgot Your Present Birthday Card by The Art of Meriodoc

Perfect for if you forgot both their card and their present, this adorably honest card from The Art of Meriodoc is the perfect belated birthday card.


Teal Zebra is asking the real questions here: Did you forget their birthday or are you just super early for the next one? Besides, who doesn’t love some chocolate chip cookies?

Dorit Kemsley – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Card by YOB & YAG

We all have a friend who takes ages getting ready before a night out. Now it’s a greetings card! Featuring the famously late but always glamorous looking Housewife; Dorit Kemsley, this card is the perfect excuse for being a little belated.

Sloth – Better Late Than Never! Card by Reuben Duffy

With this adorable sloth design, how could anyone be mad at you for being a little late? After all, it is better late than never!

Happy Birthday Snail – Sorry it’s Late Birthday Card by Hotchocbunni

How cute is this snail on this belated birthday card design by Hotchocbunni? Cute enough to get you out of the recipient’s bad books if you forgot their birthday!

Missing Your Birthday Like… Birthday Card from Droplette Design

Let them know how you really feel about missing their birthday with this adorable fiesta ready frenchie! Whether it’s because you forgot a birthday or because you know you’re going to miss out on a top party, this card is perfect!

Never worry about sending a belated birthday card again with Wuzci!

So, you’re sorted for this birthday… lets think about the next one. Never risk having to send a belated birthday card again by signing up to Wuzci! With a Wuzci subscription, you can keep all your occasions in one place, get reminders of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, and get beautifully illustrated (and on time) greetings cards delivered monthly!

Here are some of the perks of a Wuzci subscription:

Stay Organised

Stay organised with Wuzci’s occasion organiser and handy reminder system

Help the Environment

We make our cards, enveloped and packaging out of recycled materials, use eco-friendly, plant based inks and deliver with reduced emissions! And, with every 100 Wuzci subscribers, we plant a tree!

Support Independent Artists

All our cards are designed by independent artists and they get a commission for every card sold!


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Horror Birthday Card Designs for a Screaming Birthday

Here at Wuzci, we have a load of amazing horror birthday card designs available to choose from. Whether it’s for a gothic pal or someone who just can’t stop watching slashers, these designs are perfect! From horror movie scene illustrations, to spooky patterns and gothic designs, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at Wuzci!

poison horror birthday card


We love this witchy and spooky illustration! Perfect design for a friend who loves a slasher flick. They could even keep it and hang it on their wall!

The Hotel Card by IREMDRAWS

Another amazing horror birthday card from IREMDRAWS. This one; an illustration of Wendy from ultimate horror movie, The Shining. Another amazing illustration your friend could hang up on their wall.

the shining card
spooky birthday card

Spooky Card by Anja Richards Art

A cute bunch of halloween-themed illustrations. Pumpkins, ghosts, bones and knives… this card is a perfect horror birthday card or a spooky-themed birthday card for anyone born around the 31st!

Time To Get Scared Card by The Art of Meriodoc

A cute ghost design available at Wuzci! If someone you know spends every birthday binging horror movies, this card is perfect for them!

time to get scared horror birthday card
creep it real horror birthday card

Creep It Real Card by Katie Illustrated

A simple but awesome ‘Creep it Real’ design is a perfect spooky birthday card for those who love all things creepy.

Dead Tired Card by Rosie Fairholm

One thing about getting older is that you get dead tired. We love this illustration of a tombstone and spooky doodles. Perfect for someone that’s dead tired of getting older.

dead tired birthday card

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funny cards for mum

Funny Birthday Cards for Mum Available on Wuzci!

If you are looking for something a little different, Wuzci has an AMAZING collection of funny birthday cards for Mum. Whether you want to remind them who their best kid really is, apologise for your tattoos or thank them for carrying you for 9 months… and maybe a little longer.

thanks for carrying me for 9 months... and 30 odd years

Mum Thanks for Carrying Me for 9 Months… And 30 Odd Years Card from This is Awesome

For the Mum’s who not only literally carried you for 9 months, but figuratively did too! One of our favourite funny birthday cards for those whose mums still do everything for them.

Mum, you’re my favourite! Card by Beverley Hopwood

A cheeky card for letting your Mum know just where she sits in your parent ranking.

funny birthday card for mum - top 2 parent
i love you mum from your favourite child

I Love You Mum Card by Ellen Sarah Cawley

Remind your Mum your clearly her favourite with this funny birthday card from Ellen Sarah Cawley

Mum, I Love You Loads Card by Jessica Patel

A cute and funny card from our collection of funny birthday cards for mum. It’s perfect for her birthday when you want to let her know you love her loads.

Funny birthday card for mum - i love you loads
mum sorry about my tattoos card

Mum Sorry About My Tattoos Card by Studio Yelle

One of the best funny birthday cards for mum who hate all those tattoos you got!

Happy Birthday Mum – Sorry I Was A Little Shit Card by Blind Faith

Wish your Mum a happy birthday with this card letting her know that you are glad you get along better now you’re grown up and you’re sorry for being a little shit.

funny birthday card for mum - sorry i was a little shit
like mother like daughter oh shit

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Oh Shit… Card by This is Awesome

Admit it, you’re turning into your mother! Make her laugh with this funny card and try not to stress out too much about it…

Can’t Drive, Can Draw Card by Droplette Design

A great funny birthday card for mum from the toddlers that both drive them up the wall and draw all over them!

funny birthday card for mum - drive up the wall

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i like you

Top 5: ‘I Like You’ Greetings Cards

You’ve got Birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, Christmas cards and anniversary cards. But sometimes you just need a card to let someone know you like them! Whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, a crush or your best friend, let them know you like them with Wuzci’s Top 5 ‘I Like You’ Greetings Cards.

You're weird but 'I like you' greetings cards

5. You’re Weird But I Like You Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: Lucy Green

Though this is labelled as a Valentine’s Day card, this ‘You’re Weird But I Like You’ Greetings Card is perfect for any recipient! Your partner, your best friend… anyone! Let them know that despite their weirdness, you like them a lot!

4. I like you………a lot Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: Beverley Hopwood

We love the bright colours and cute flower illustrations on this ‘I Like You’ greetings card. Perfect for the person you like… A LOT.

I like you... a lot greeting card
I like your peachy bum greeting card

3. I Like Your Peachy Bum Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: You Are Awesome

A little more specific this time… let someone know you’re a fan of their behind with this adorably peachy greetings card design!

2. I apple-solutely like you General Card

Artist: Dewy Venerius

Perfect for the person in your life who loves puns. A cute pastel colour palette and simple yet adorable text and illustrations, this card is sure to cheer up its recipient. One of our favourite ‘I like you’ greetings cards, send this one to the apple of your eye!

I like you greeting cards (applesolutely)
I like you greetings cards

1. I Like You Valentine’s Day Card

Artist: Beth Fletcher

And finally… This adorable dinosaur design is one of our most popular come Valentine’s Day. We love the cute dinosaur illustration and the pastel colours… not hard to see why this ‘I like you’ greetings cards design flies off our shelves!


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Lemon Greeting Cards That Are Simply The Zest

When life gives you lemons… turn them into some lemon greeting cards! Here at Wuzci, we have plenty of lemon cards available for a bunch of occasions and recipients. Check them out below!

lemon greeting cards

Lemon Birds Birthday Card by Belinda Drought

Beautiful print of two little birds carrying some lemons on a lovely peachy pink background. There is no type, meaning that this is perfect for so many occasions or just for yourself to frame and keep as a print.

You Get The Zest of Me Anniversary Card by Katcha Fun

A bright and punny for your anniversary! One of our favourite lemon greeting cards.

When Life Gives You Lemons General Card by Cobbydale Creative

We all know that when life gives you lemons, you make a gin and lemonade! If it’s on the card then it MUST be true.

Lemon Flower Thank you Card by Katerina Kirpa

Who said a card with lemons on had to be sour? This sweet and pretty thank you card from Katerina Kirpa is the perfect thank you card in summer!

lemon greeting cards

Lemony Zest Wishes Birthday Card by Running with Scissors

Send your loved ones some citrusy best wishes with this cute lemon greeting card design! If they are simply the zest, this is the card for them!

My Main Squeeze Valentine’s Day Card by Droplette Design

A curious bunch of lemons to add to the fruity lemon pun. Send to your main squeeze this Valentine’s.

Hello General Card by Mochi Bun Studio

Happy lemons saying hi! We love this adorable general lemon greeting card from Mochi Bun Studio.

Cheers To The Best Mum Mother’s Day Card by Droplette Design

The G and T are ready for the celebrations too! Another beautiful lemon greeting card from Droplette Design.


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header of most popular greetings cards april 2022

Most Popular Greetings Cards: April 2022

Looking for some inspiration for your next birthday, anniversary or upcoming holiday? Why not take a look at some of Wuzci’s most popular greetings cards in April 2022! We’ve got a lowdown of all the cards popular for this months biggest events that all our subscribers have been adding to their boxes.

Most Popular Birthday Cards

most popular greetings cards 1

Happy Birthday Lets go Mutts! Birthday Card by Rulu

Perfect for a dog-loving pal, this ‘Lets go Mutts’ design from Rulu is one of our most popular greetings cards this month!

Formula 1 Racing Cars Birthday Card by RetroMotion Artwork

March brought the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season and if you know a friend whose weekend plans revolve around the Grand Prix, this is the perfect card for them!

Wordle Birthday Card by Design by Day

It’s safe to say that Wordle has been on everyone’s minds whether you play it religiously or not. This Wordle design has been flying out of our printer as one of this months most popular greetings cards design!

Alexa Send a Funny Birthday Card by TeePee Creations

This card is guaranteed to get a giggle out of whoever you’re sending it to. What can beat a funny birthday card?

2nd birthday cards

Most Popular Anniversary Cards

most popular greetings cards 2

All We Know is, He’s a Top Husband by This is Awesome

Does your husband love Top Gear? Or maybe he drives like the Stig… this design has been one of our most popular greetings cards for Anniversaries this month!

15th Anniversary: Crystal Anniversary Card by Daniella Illustrates

Daniella Illustrates’ collection of Anniversary greetings cards have been super popular this month. From paper to crystal to diamond, celebrate however many years together with a fun design!

You’re purrfect Anniversary Card by This is Awesome

Another awesome design by This is Awesome. We love this adorable cat anniversary card design, and apparently, so do our subscribers!

Any Day Spent with You is my Favourite Day Anniversary Card by This is Awesome

One of our most popular greetings cards designs for any occasion, let your loved one know you care with this sweet message on your anniversary!

anniversary cards 2

Most Popular Easter Cards

most popular greetings cards 3

Easter Chocolate Day Easter Card by Blue Kiwi Design

All of Blue Kiwi Designs’ Easter cards are popular this time of year, but this one is one of our favourites!

Easter Chicks Easter Card by Cressida Carr

This brightly patterned Easter Chick and Easter Egg design has been one of our most popular greetings cards for Easter!  

Easter Wishes Easter Card by Molly Emilia Rose

We love this beautiful floral Easter card design for this time of year! Full of pastel colours and gorgeous daffodils and tulips!

Happy Easter Easter Card by The Boy and The Bear

Another pretty-patterned Easter Card featuring adorable spring characters! 

easter cards 2


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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floral background

Floral Greetings Cards for Birthdays and More!

Spring is upon us so that means its time to get your hands on some floral greetings cards! Here at Wuzci, we have hundreds of beautifully designed flower-covered birthday, anniversary, wedding or thank you cards.

birthday floral greetings cards

Floral Birthday Cards

Floral Age 60 Birthday Card by Duckduckle Design

We love this simple and pretty birthday card featuring number typography! It’s also available for those turning 10, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 70, 80 and 90.

Have a ‘Bee-autiful’ birthday Birthday Card by Rachel Lotts

Wish someone a bee-autiful birthday with this gorgeous floral greetings cards design by Rachel Lotts!

Wild Flower Garden Birthday Card by Paint to Paper Designs

This simple and yet beautiful flower-filled card by Paint to Paper Designs is the perfect floral card for a friend with a spring birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum Floral Birthday Card by Efni Design

We love the bright colours and pretty flowers in this amazing birthday card design! And it’s available for Nan, Gran, Auntie and general birthdays. There’s also a similar design available for Mother’s Day!

anniversary floral greetings cards

Anniversary Cards

Passion Flower Anniversary Card by Diana Birkett Design

Perfect for a parent, friend or loved one currently celebrating an anniversary! We love this delicate passion flower design.

I Blooming Love You Anniversary Card by Lucy Green

Let your significant other know you blooming love them on your anniversary with this cute floral greetings cards design by Lucy Green.

I like you………a lot Valentine’s Day Card by Beverley Hopwood

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, this I like you a lot design featuring an adorable heart shaped bouquet is a perfect pick.

Happy Anniversary Anniversary Card by Yasmin Dadabhoy

Keep it simple but lovely on your Anniversary with this Happy Anniversary design with a beautiful floral illustration.

wedding floral greetings cards

Wedding Cards

Wedding Wedding Card by Naomi Kate Designs

The perfect card for a beautiful bride on their wedding day! We love this colourful bouquet on this simple greetings card.

On Your Wedding Day Wedding Card by Reuben Duffy

This elegant wedding card design is one of our favourites in our floral greetings cards collection. We love the wistful design and fresh colours.

Wedding of the Year Wedding Card by Paper Valley Design

Celebrate the wedding of the year with this adorable wedding card design featuring beautiful florals by Paper Valley Design.

Flower Bouquet Engagement Card by Yasmin Mirmoez

For a newly engaged friend or for the big day, this pretty flower and diamond covered design is perfect for celebrating an opulent wedding.

thank you floral greetings cards

Thank You Floral Greetings Cards

Floral Thank You Thank you Card by Maddie Osborne

This simple wildflower bouquet thank you design is perfect for letting someone know you appreciate them! It’s also available in black!

You Are So Lovely General Card by Chloe Evans

What’s better than getting a card letting you know you’re lovely? We love this simple flower-filled general card by Chloe Evans.

PANSIES – THANK YOU Thank you Card by Teal Zebra

This watercolour pansy design from Teal Zebra is a gorgeous and bright design. Perfect to send to someone you’re grateful to.

Thank You Flowers Thank you Card by Klara Hawkins

Thank someone important with this pretty bouquet of vibrant flowers on Klara Hawkins thank you card design.


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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Plant Cards: Greetings Cards for Plant Lovers

We all have a friend whose house is quickly becoming their own personal indoor jungle… If your plant-obsessed friend has an event coming up, why not get them a card from the array of plant cards available on Wuzci! Here’s just a few of our favourites…

Plant Birthday Cards

plant birthday cards on wuzci
happy birthday plant cards

Plant Happy Birthday Card by Sharon Illustrates

This adorable plant design by Sharon Illustrates is sure to brighten up your friends special day! We love the vibrant plant pots and pastel background.

Plant Lady Birthday Card by Quince Prints

If your friend is a little crazy with their plant obsession, this is the perfect card for them! We love the luscious green colour Hannah has used for the plants!

Crazy Plant Lady Birthday Card by Heather Ledbetter-Lyon

Another Crazy Plant lady design for the friend who treats their plants like they’re pets!

Happy Birthday Card by Lolly and Lauren

We love this simple green Monstera plant card design from Lolly and Lauren! Perfect for a plant lovers birthday.

more happy birthday plant cards

General Plant Cards

plant cards on wuzci
new home card, succs to see you go

Happy New Home Card by Dinky Rouge

This succulent-covered card design from Dinky Rouge is perfect to send to a friend who is moving into a new place! We love the pastel colour scheme and adorable patterns on the pots!

Succulent Leaving Day Card by Caitlin Draws Things

What’s better than a plant card? A punny plant card! This super-cute ‘succs to see you go’ design by Caitlin Draws Things is a great card to send to your plant-loving coworker who got a new job or a friend moving out of town!

Grow Through General Card by Katie Illustrated

This design by Katie Illustrated is the perfect design to send to a friend who may be having a tough time. We love the positive message and cute little teapot plants!

Plant Addict General Card by Amy Cole

This card gets to the point fast! Whether it’s for a birthday, a thank you or just a little note to a friend, we love this colourful plant addict design from Amy Cole!

grow through what you go through, plant addict cards

Jo Rose’s Plant Collection

jo rose plant cards
three plant cards

Some of the most popular cards on our site, Jo Rose’s plant cards are perfect for any occassion! Whether it’s a birthday, a thank you, new home or just a card to say hello, we love the pastel colours and diverse plant designs!

Parlour Palm General Card

An elegant Palm to send to a plant loving friend.

Calathea Zebrina General Card

A cute Calathea to add to a house plant lover’s collection!

Monstera Deliciosa General Card

Also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera is a symbol of long life.

Z Z Plant General Card

Spread a little Tropical love with the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, which originates from Zanzibar.

Peace Lily General Card

A pretty Peace Lily to celebrate those tranquil moments in life.

two plant cards


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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thinking of you cards

Thinking of You Cards for Every Scenario

Sometimes a card isn’t always for a happy occasion. Especially in the last few years, it’s important to let loved ones know that you’re here for them through the tough times. That’s why ‘Thinking of you’ cards are so important! Here at Wuzci we have a wide range of sympathy cards perfect for every scenario.

Thinking of you cards

Thinking of You Cards

If you want the message to be just this: I’m thinking of you, we have you covered! Whether you’re letting a friend know you’re here for them during a tough break, or they have lost a loved one and you are reaching out, these cards will let them know you care.

Here For You Cards

If you want to let a friend know you’re here, whether they’re having a tough time at work, going through a breakup or just having a rough few days, send them some love in the mail with a ‘here for you’ card.

Mental Health Support Cards

If your friend or loved one has been through a lot and you want to cheer them up or let them know it’ll get better, thinking of you cards are a good way to let them know you care. Especially if the person you’re reaching out to is far away, doesn’t want to see anyone or finds it difficult to talk about!

Sorry/Sympathy Thinking of You Cards

If you want to express your heartfelt sympathy, or let someone know your sorry, these greetings cards are perfect,

Missing you cards

Maybe you just want to let someone know you miss them! With everyone scattered around the world and our ability to travel limited, reach out to a loved one in the post with a card letting them know you miss them!

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