How to stay organised with a busy schedule

Is your busy schedule getting you down?

Staying organised can sometimes be a challenge but at the end of the day, it can help you will eliminate stress, headaches and all the ailments that come with being disorganised.

Look at what happens when you are disorganised:

  • Your productivity decreases;
  • Your state of mind fills with clutter: mental clutter, physical clutter, informational clutter – all too much;
  • You could damage your professional reputation.

Not to worry though, we are here help you turn busy into easy and messy into organised, not matter how busy your schedule is.

Eliminate all clutter

This is first on the agenda.

Get rid of unwanted things from every area of your life, such as:

  • Mental clutter: Start your day with a fresh, positive outlook. Try to remove yourself from as many stressful situations as possible. And finally, if possible, get people to help take on some of your responsibilities (even if that means means paying them; for example a cleaner, an accountant,a gardener… or even a card delivery service 😉), so you can spend that extra focus on the things that matter in your life.
  • Physical clutter: No matter how clear your mental state is, there is no substitute for a messy environment. Whether that be at work or at home, ensuring as much as possible is away and clean will help you feel far more calm and focused.
  • Information clutter: With so much of our life online now – there’s increasing importance to clean up your email inbox, remove old files from your hard drive, and even delete old messages and apps.

Maintain clear communication

When we don’t communicate clearly, we can find ourselves being misunderstood, having to repeat ourselves or simply not getting to the bottom of something and feeling anxious. Each of these can, in turn, leads us right back to that cluttered state of mind.

Ensure that your messages, whether verbal or non-verbal, are clearly understood. Be open and honest to others about how you feel and what you think and they will do the same. It may also be helpful to read ‘How to make friends and influence people’ – to help with your communication, empathy and response to difficult situations.

Don’t procrastinate – Do it now!

Try hard not to put things off that can be done right away. If you have to clean the fridge, pay a bill, reply to an email – do it now instead of waiting. Tiny tasks like this can soon build into a mountain of work if left “until tomorrow”. Not only will taking this approach help you be more organised, you’ll actually feel really good for having a clean slate and will probably think to yourself; “Why was I putting that off? It only took 2 minutes!”

Focus on what matters

Every person on the planet has a finite amount of focus; a defined amount of attention they can give to things in their life. Whilst we can choose how we spend that focus, it can sometimes feel like it’s hard to control, when so many things crave it.

Whilst some tiresome, yet mandatory tasks will steal some of this focus, try to ensure you fill the rest of your calendar with important things that will excite, challenge, and make you happy.

Avoid and manage stress

This one is hard. Lots of things can cause us to be stressed, but by following these steps and becoming more organised a lot of these minor annoyances like being late and forgetful should become far less frequent. But when we do find ourselves in stressful situation, try move through it as quickly as possible and then a moment to reflect and on why that situation happened? How could it be avoided next time? How could I manage my emotions better?

Make room for quiet time

No matter what happened throughout the day, whether it was scary, exciting, unfortunate or favourable. Find some time to sit quietly and reflect. Focus on what you discovered, what you learnt and how you could improve tomorrow. Remember, reflection is one of the greatest tools in the quest for self-improve.

Manage your schedule

Life is often hectic, with so many appointments, meetings, errands and occasions to remember – there’s no wonder why we something forget to be somewhere. Most of these just require a calendar or diary so you can remind yourself where you’re meant to be and when.

… But it’s not so easy with occasions – putting an occasion in a calendar, just means you’re going to realise on the day that in a blind panic you need to:

  • Go to the shops to get a card
  • Message them to wish them well
  • Organise a meal or get together
  • And what about if you aren’t seeing them on that day and should have sent a card a few days ago via post…. 🙈

Luckily, we’ve solved this for you 🎉🥳

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How do you stay organised with a busy schedule? Drop us a line below, we would love to hear from you.