10 fantastic ideas on what to put inside your cards

Ever just looked at an empty birthday card and wished that you could put something more awesome than “Happy birthday, Susan – from Dave?”

Well, it’s possible!

Simple messages inside cards have become boring options and it’s time we tackled it.

Let’s look at 10 fantastic ideas that you can use instead of the traditional messages.

Write a poem in your card

A poem is a great thing to put inside a card. Poems help you to show off your ability to harness the power as a Wordsworth, and the time taken to create something so unique often shows that special someone just how much you adore them.

Draw something inside your card

Another highly artistic choice is drawings. They work pretty well for cards and present a more visual representation of what you want to convey. You don’t have to be Bob Ross to have a go, it could be something as simple are adding some paw prints if your including the dog in the ‘from’ section. Or even some stick figures depiction a memory you’ve shared.

Write some song lyrics inside your card

How many times have you heard a certain song that reminds you of someone special? If you have a really close relationship with this person and there’s a song that you both love, then writing a few of the songs lyrics inside your card is a sure way to make your card feel extra special. Instead of printing the song lyrics, write with your own handwriting to make it look personalised.

Use personalised quotes inside your cards

Similar to lyrics, a personalised quote can work well inside a card. Quotes are more often used in Good luck, Sorry or Valentines card but they could easily work for birthdays too. For example:

  • “It’s sad to grow old, but nice to ripen.” – Brigitte Bardot.
  • “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be!” –Robert Browning
  • “The years teach much which the days never knew.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “You know you’re getting older when the candles cost more than the cake.” –Bob Hope

Print some Photos

Inserting some photos inside your greeting cards is also an excellent idea, especially if you have ones of you together or one that have great meaning between you both. Most of us usually have some spare, 7-year old photo paper laying around that you’ve never used and even if not, you can go to a high street photo printer look Boots and print off some photos for less than £0.50! For an added touch why not cut the photos out and stick them into the card too.

Paintings are great for greeting cards

What? You actually have got some Bob Ross skills? Okay then, let’s grab a brush! Whilst it’s not a common thing to see, I’ve definitely come across people adding watercolour paintings to the inside of their cards and it certainly makes them stand out! We’d highly recommend painting onto a similar size blank card and then sticking it in – you don’t want to ruin your greeting card if the paint soaks in.

How about using glitter in your card?

Glitter is awesome, and certainly on of the best ways to add a little glamour to your message. Use it in moderation though, you don’t want your recipients carpet to be covered in glitter… or maybe you do!

Make a confetti flinger

The confetti flinger card might be a little bit of a new innovation, but it is definitely fun to spring on someone. It takes a little bit of effort to create, but in the end, you’ll find that it’s definitely worth the time when you’re done. Here is how to make a confetti flinger. Try it and let us know if it was fun for you.

Create your own vouchers

Even if you’ve already bought your recipient a gift, creating cute little vouchers like “1 Free Back Rub” or “IOU 1 Cheeseburger” are a really great way of adding some fun to your cards.


Putting origami inside your card is another choice of non-verbal communication that can go a long way as well. If you didn’t know, Origami is when we use paper in a decorative way to form things such as planes, horses, ducks, etc. People have been using origami centuries and we can use it to help express ourselves in our cards. We’ve written a great article on origami and show you how to make 5 great examples.

Whatever you decide to put in your card…

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What else do you put inside your cards? Let us know below!