5 simple origami to put inside your cards

Ever find yourself with spare paper lying around? Do you fancy yourself as the creative type? If so, add some real flair to your greetings cards with our 5 simple origami tips.

For centuries origami, the art of “paper-folding” has been used as part of Japanese artistic tradition; with people worldwide creating intricate designs using small pieces of paper.

Here, we take a quick look at 5 origami themes you can incorporate into your cards.

A stork for a new baby

Storks are birds which are believed to be emissaries that bring babies to parents. Why not try your hand at creating this little fellow for your “new baby” card.

A star for congratulations

We all love to celebrate our friends and families achievements. Whether it’s something as simple as starting school or something as big as obtaining a degree. Achievements mean a lot for the people involved, and by going that extra mile and adding a little star in their card, you can really show them how proud you are.

Heart for Valentine’s Day

Step up your game and make sure your Love really knows how much you care about them by adding this cute, heart shape origami to their anniversary card this year.

A dragon for your child’s birthday

Now, this is a hard one. It might take you a while – and a few attempts – but with this intricate origami dragon, your little human is sure to love opening their card!

A flower for Mothers Day

Finally: didn’t manage to make it to the store to buy flowers? Fear not! Add this little origami rose to your card and you’ll surely stay in Mum’s good books for the rest of the year.

And there we have it. Five origami designs to try your hand at and make those cards extra special. Manage to make any of these? We’d love to see your creations in the comments below, or tag us in your Instagram posts using @wuzci 🙂

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