Top 5 Alternatives to Paperchase

Tired of travelling to town to buy your greetings cards and then having to pay a fortune for them?

We all know about Paperchase: the international stationery and card store that provide us with fabulously designed cards, but at rather eye-watering prices.

Without a doubt Paperchase has much fanfare and has been a dominant force in the paper industry over the past few years… However, with a price tag often in excess of £3.00 per card, most people we speak to tend to find it very expensive. Plus, if you want your Paperchase card delivered to your doorstep, you’ll need to pay an additional £2.99 postage fee… That’s 445% more than the cost of a 1st class stamp!

Not sure Paperchase is for you? Let’s take a look at a list of 5 alternatives that you may find appealing:


For a high street store offering similar services and products, you’re unlikely to find a shop as akin to Paperchase as Clintons.

Following a complete rebrand, Clintons seem to have upped their game over the last few years. These changes have brought about fresher designs and a wider selection. Sadly however, this seems to have come at a cost to the customer, with card prices on the increase. This being said, we recently conducted a survey of all the cards on both Paperchase and Clintons’ websites and still found that the price per card was on average 12 pence cheaper from Clintons.

Moonpig/Funky Pigeon

By now, we all know about Moonpig and Funky Pigeon: whether it’s from the annoying adverts, strange name or slightly questionable card designs, these card retailers are huge businesses and seem to have got the ‘customisable online card market’ nailed.

Both these companies’ main selling point is that you can customise your greetings cards. They even take out the personal responsibility of writing your message, by providing you with an option for a type-faced note. Meaning you can send someone a card without having touched it before (neat!).

This service does however come at a price, with many of your Moonpig and Funky Pigeon cards costing between £3-£4 (for your standard size card). Not really a saving in comparison to Paperchase here – although delivery is far cheaper, at just the price of a postage stamp (67 pence).


Ah, the big behemoth – surely they can solve this problem with their huge seller network, pricing power and free delivery via Prime, right? Well it turns out not.

While the quantity of cards on offer is good, they all kind of… looked the same. And not in a good way! On exploring Amazon’s card range for one of my occasions, I must have looked through 8 pages of results and didn’t see a single card that I’d actually send to my relative. What’s worse? They were still being sold at between £2-£5! Sorry Amazon, you’re do a great job when it comes to shopping for most items, but selling cards isn’t one of them.

Notonthehighstreet / Etsy

These marketplaces offer lots of beautiful designs and unique concepts; produced by very talented individuals. Want a 3D Flower garden on your Mothers Day card? A custom cut age on a birthday card? Or fancy a custom initialled valentines card for that special someone? Notonthehighstreet and Etsy are where it’s at!

Unfortunately, with card costs coming in at anywhere from £4-£30+ and delivery fees on top of that, they’re not a contender to beat Paperchase just yet! However, if unique and personalised is what you’re after and you aren’t too worried about the cost, we don’t think there are many places that compare.


Of course, we couldn’t be talking about cards without mentioning ourselves. We think we’ve cracked it. Beautifully designed cards, automatically delivered to your door for all your upcoming occasions from just £4/month.

No worrying, no stressing, no rushing to the shops 10 minutes before they close to pay through the nose for a card. Just the exact card you need, delivered on time, every month.

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We want to hear from you so drop us a line below and tell us about your experience buying greeting cards.