Why did we start Wuzci?

For what must have been the third time that month, I found myself jumping in the car and rushing to get to town before the shops closed. Thanks to my sieve-like brain, I’d once again forgotten an occasion (namely, my friends birthday) and needed to find a card before our get together that evening. As I waited in line, ready to hand over £4.50 for a pretty average-looking card; I thought to myself, “There’s got to be a better way than this”…

Nowadays, we have subscriptions services for dog food, coffee, sweets, even noodles! But nothing to actually help us remember and prepare for all those important occasions in our lives. This had to change… and so Wuzci was born!

After countless 24 hour days, sleepless coding sessions, endless prototyping, researching and bug fixing – Wuzci was alive. Our mission is simple:

To ensure you never forget another occasion again!

But whilst we’re at it, we may as well…

Save you money

Because we design and hand-craft our cards in-house, we cut out all the middlemen and pass the savings onto you. Meaning our prices are far more competitive than the high street, before you even factor in the travel costs like petrol, parking, train/bus fare in order to buy one from the shops.

Help the environment

We use recycled paper to create our cards and envelopes, print in the U.K with non-toxic inks, deliver with minimal emissions and even plant trees as part of our Green Tree Promise.

Develop your flare

Whether it’s tips on staying organised, finding the perfect presents or creating quirky things to put inside your cards for that personal touch. Wuzci will constantly bring you fun, educational content to transform you into a gifting superstar.

Support Independent Artists

Being creators ourselves, it is so important for us to support our Artists in a real way. We are using our platform to give Artists a space to share their designs and get their work into a customers hands. Money from each card bought from Wuzci will go directly to the Artist that designed it. That’s how it should be, right?

We’re only just scratching the surface of all the amazing things we want Wuzci to be and do – we hope you’ll come along with us for the journey.

Take a moment to browse through our rapidly expanding collection of designs and grab your first month of designs completely free.

See you online,

Adam Collingburn

Founder & CEO