Artist Spotlight: Amy Cole

You might have already seen out Artist Spotlight series, where we interview artists from our amazing community and see what inspires them and how they create their designs. Our last interview was with Jessica Gutteridge, which you can catch up on here. Today we’re interviewing Amy Cole, so grab a cuppa and sit down for a catch up!

Who are you and What do you do?

My name is Amy Cole also known as Amycoledesign. I am a freelance illustrator and pattern maker. I love drawing and creating  cute animals and pretty patterns is usually what you will find me designing. Colours are also a big part of my work as I love putting together new colour schemes for my designs.   

Where did your creative journey start?

From a very young age I loved to draw and make cards with my mum at the kitchen table.. It started with me taking every possible art subject in my GCSE’s to then going on to study Fine Art at The Northern School of Art where I strengthened my drawing skills. I then moved to Leeds where I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Art University where I had the time of my life, I loved my course as it made me understand the background of becoming a designer and lead me on the right path for my design future.

Do you think greetings cards are important in the world today? 

100%! I think it is especially important now more than ever as the world is so digital. I think receiving a card through the post is so exciting and feels very special that someone saw a design on a card and thought of you and hold space for personal words inside. I love the personal touch greeting cards give and to see someones hand writing rather than a text message.

What inspires you to keep creating? How do you get past drawing block or boredom with your work?

Every designer has hit a creative block in there life and I find them tricky to get out of from time to time. When I hot a block I like to step away from my work for a bit and then go back to it with fresh eyes. I also find looking on Pinterest and Instagram always helps as i love seeing other peoples works and helps me get inspired for my own work.

Who are your favourite artists/creators at the moment?

This is a tough one, I love so many creators it would be to hard to choose.

Can you tell us a little bit about your process? How do you create your work?

I used to always draw by hand on paper but since getting my Ipad Pro I love drawing on that with my Apple pencil using Procreate. I love how you can use a number of textured brushes and have full control. To make my patterns and to make repeats I use Illustrator which I love and makes everything so easy.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to a creator at the beginning of their journey, what would it be?

To not compare yourself to other designers and with your work looked like theirs or wish you could draw like they do because all designers are unique and have their own way of working, when i started to focus on myself and how I work is when I finally got the confidence I needed to design. Also make sure to not give up, I had a few moments at the start when I wasn’t sure if I could do it or make a living from design but I loved it and didn’t want to stop and I am so glad I kept with it.

Finally, do you have any projects in the works or exciting things you would like to plug?

I am currently working on revamping my Etsy shop full of exciting new products and prints, it is a big job and I am getting there finally! My Etsy shop is AmyColestudio so keep your eyes peeled for new fun prints and products over there!

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