Wuzci.com closes its first investment round

UK gifting startup, Wuzci.com, closes its pre-seed round to grow its data-led subscription platform.

The round was led by a consortium of angel investors who have extensive experience in the printing, fulfilment & tech industry.

The company — founded in 2019 — aims to utilise automation & AI to solve the poor experience surrounding greetings cards and gifting — ensuring its customers never forget their occasions again, said CEO Adam Collingburn.

Adam admits the greetings card space has been fairly saturated for a while, but that it’s also somewhere that’s seen little, to no innovation since Moonpig launched over 20 years ago.

“This is a problem that should have been solved by now,” Adam said. “For me, and countless people I speak to, greetings cards are still hard to remember, inconvenient to buy, unsustainable and expensive. If there was a company doing this well, I would already be a customer instead of starting Wuzci.”

Old problem, new solution

Wuzci.com takes a different approach to the issue. While many platforms rely on customers remembering their occasions and coming to them for a card — Wuzci stores all your occasions (and all the data surrounding them) and then sends you the cards you need each month.

Another of Wuzci’s USP’s, is its rapidly growing artist platform — which allows independent artists to upload their designs and earn every time one is chosen.

“We want Wuzci to become a real home for artists” said Sophie Hargreaves, Co-founder & CDO. “Somewhere they can create, learn, improve and earn.”

Despite being built & bootstrapped in the weekends and evenings, Wuzci has grown really well, Adam said. The company will use the new capital to rapidly increase its growth rate, whilst continuing to develop new and exciting features — but at a much more rapid pace.