Eid Greeting Cards: Celebrate with these great designs

Eid is celebrated by Muslims around the world because it marks the end of the month-long fasting of Ramadan. It is a time of prayer, charity, gift giving and social gatherings. We think Eid greeting cards are a great opportunity to send a heartwarming message to a loved one! It’s a great time to tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them.

We’ve pulled together a few Eid cards created by our fantastic Wuzci artist commnity to give you a bit of inspiration.

We love the bright colours in Mindikr’s Eid Mubarak pattern card. It’s sure to add a pop of colour to any mantle. But if you’re looking for something a bit more sleek and sophisticated, Roshah Designs’ Eid Mubarak Script card is perfect!

We don’t just have Eid greeting cards! It’s also a lovely idea to send out a “Ramadan Mubarak” to your friends and family during the holy month. This blue mandala design by Roshah Designs is perfect!

Now is the perfect time to pick out your Eid greeting cards. It’s a simple gesture that shows your loved ones that you are thinking about them, and is a sure way to put a smile on their face!

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Deadpan Greeting Cards: Wuzci’s top picks

Deadpan greeting cards are great for friends and family that share a good sense of humour with you. The cards could relate to a favourite TV show or film, or perhaps poke fun at the perks of growing older. Here are a few of our favourite cards by some of our fantastic Wuzci artists.

We love this R.I.P Youth card by Urghh Card Co. It perfectly sums up how we all feel as we get further away from our youthful years.

Of course we also couldn’t put together this list without including the king of deadpan humour, Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99. It’s impossible to read this card without hearing his voice in your head! Captain Holt I’m Ecstatic Card by Donosdoodles

For your drag queen loving friends and family, this Bianca Del Rio Card by Prints with Personality card is perfect. It’s a funny way of saying that they will be able to keep one part of themselves forever!

For friends or colleagues that are leaving your life for a new job or opportunity, we love this You Won’t Be Missed Card by Blue Kiwi Design. It’s the perfect blend of deadpan humour and subtly relaying that you actually will miss them a little bit!

Provided that you and your significant other both enjoy some deadpan humour, this I’ve Decided to Keep You Card by Studio Yelle is a great choice.

Because of the pandemic, there’s nobody that wouldn’t understand this Positive News Card by Ellen Sarah Cawley. While it’s the positive that nobody wants to see, you’re sure to get a giggle from it! This makes it perfect as a get well soon card or maybe a backwards way of telling your loved ones some good news.

In addition to the other great designs by Prints with Personality shown above, these two are great for your pals that loved Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Next up, we have these great designs by Maxwell Makes and another by Prints with Personality. After all, what better example of deadpan humour is there, than calling somebody the “Comic Sans of the human race”?

Yet another fantastic design by Prints with Personality, this Pensioner Bus Pass Card is great for your friends and family on their birthday. However, only if you know they will appreciate the joke and laugh along with you!

This Annoying People Card by Studio Yelle is great for friends and family members with an August birthday. It’s particularly suitable for giving to annoying siblings!

So whether you’re looking for a deadpan greeting card for you best friend or your significant other, we have plenty of choice! Browse through over 250 of our fantastic artists, or our shop of over 6,000 card designs!

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“Sorry to see you leave” Cards

Finding the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” Card

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when a friend, colleague or family member decides to leave their job or move away. We often want to feel happy to see them enter a new chapter in their life, but it’s also sad because you will miss them! This is why it’s so important to find the perfect “Sorry to see you leave” card to see them off. We’ve hand picked a few of our favourite Leaving Cards to help you.

If they like animal puns…

If you friend or colleague enjoy a good animal pun, maybe opting for a design that’s not so serious is the best way to go. We’re all familiar with the phrases “see you later alligator” and “in a while crocodile”, and these cards capture the light hearted nature perfectly. They both show that you care, but also say that you will see them soon!

For TV and Film lovers

Because we all have that one friend or colleague who is a complete Netflix addict… Opting for something that relates to their favourite tv show or film is a great way to find them a card they will love. This RuPaul with his iconic “Sashay Away” slogan is ideal for any Drag Race lovers! We also love the tongue in cheek “You Got Out” Leonardo DiCaprio card by Blind Faith because it signifies how we’ve all felt at some point in a job!

If you both like a bit of banter

If you’re losing your very best work friend, some times it’s funnier to make a joke about how much you won’t miss them! These two cards by Blue Kiwi Designs convey this perfectly and your friend is sure to know that you’re joking! (Mostly).

And for when you’re feeling sentimental

Because work/life just isn’t going to be the same without them and you’re suddenly feeling like a lost puppy! These cards by Ellen Sarah Cawley and Evezee really convey the “I’m actually going to miss you” vibe.

As always, there are plenty more cards to choose from on Wuzci if you haven’t quite found the perfect match just yet. Our shop has over 5,000 designs, all proudly crafted by our 250+ independent artists. And you can have them delivered to your door every month with a Wuzci subscription!

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Gin Birthday Cards

Finding the perfect Gin Birthday card

Are you looking for a gin birthday card? Well look no further, because we have hand picked a selection of gin themed cards designed by our fantastic Wuzci artists.

We have a variety of designs, some for your gin connoisseurs and some for the pink gin lovers in your life!

For the plain old Gin Lovers

For your friends and family who don’t need a special occasion to crack open the gin, how about these simple cards? No fancy illustration or beating around the bush – just plain old gin!

For the Sassy Gin drinkers

These designs are perfect for your gin loving friends who get a little bit smart-ass-y when they have a tipple. These brightly coloured cards are sure to pack a punch (just like their drink of choice!).

For those who like a slice of lemon

These punchy lemon cards are perfect for your friends who enjoy a zesty slice with their drink. And for those who truly believe that when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make a gin!

For the Gin Queens

These cards are perfect for the gin queens in your life! Whether they fancy themselves as the ultimate gin queen, or just love gin in every colour pink!

If you still haven’t found the perfect birthday card, you can explore over 5,000 more designs on our shop! And don’t forget you can sign up for a Wuzci subscription and get your first box for just £1 here.

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Choosing The Perfect Father’s Day Card

It’s that time of year again! Father’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday 20th June, and now it’s time to select your cards! For Dads all over the country, whether they’re Grandads, Step-Dads, Dog Dads, or Dad-joke-dads, it’s the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate all that they do.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not check out our top picks to help you find the perfect card?

For the Football Dads…

For the Super Dads…

And the car loving Dads…

And the Grandads…

The Dads with hobbies…

and the Dads who like to cuddle…

…we’ve got a card for everyone!

So why not take a look at our full range? Not only will Dad be pleased you remembered to get a card, but you also supported a small business and an independent artist!

View Father’s Day Cards

Ready For a Spooky October?

Spooky Season is upon us and it’s time to choose your cards for October! 🦇 🎃

We have a little something for everyone – whether it’s a cute card for your niece & nephew or something sassy for your bff.

Check out some of the Artists in this collection!

Rosie Fairholm

Rosie’s adorable collection is full of spooky puns and fang-tastic characters. These charming designs are great for all ages.

Rhianna Wurman

We love this whimsical pumpkin house design. It has all of our faves – bats, ghosties, stars and the festive squash itself.

Christine Jopling

The perfect card for your cheeky little witches. This would be perfect to use as an invitation for Halloween parties!

Sophie Hargreaves

This one says it all! After a full evening of trick or treaters and putting the little monsters in bed to rest, this is the card you really need!

You can browse our full collection of Halloween cards here!

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