Why Send Cards or Letters?

Everybody loves getting a hand addressed envelope in the post. Whether the handwriting is familiar or not, knowing that somebody sat down and took the time to write and seal a letter specifically for you, shows that somebody cares… So you know that when you write and send a letter, you’re sending that same intrigue and happiness out into the world.

Before you start crafting a heartwarming note, think about why you are sending it. Are you sending birthday wishes? Congratulations? Or just checking in to say “Hi”? After all, you don’t need a big reason to or special occasion to reach out to a loved one.

Here’s a little inspiration to get you going:

  • Say why you’re writing and let them know that you were thinking about them. “I recently went to _____ and I couldn’t help but think of that time when we ______”
  • Did you pick out that card specifically for a reason? “I remembered that you love unicorns, so I couldn’t resist picking up this card for you”
  • Reaffirm your relationship. “I miss the old days when we would _____ and I can’t wait to do _______ again!”

Sometimes it’s just nice to celebrate the little things in life:

  • Congratulate a friend on a recent promotion.
  • Say “Well Done” for passing their driving test
  • Wish a loved one good luck before an upcoming surgery
  • To thank someone for such a great day last time you hung out
  • Wish someone good luck on in an interview
  • To congratulate someone on winning a recent sports game

The list of reasons to send someone a card could be endless. Whilst it’s important to remember the big things, such as birthdays, new babies or anniversaries, it’s also important to remember the little things.

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