Lemon Greeting Cards That Are Simply The Zest

When life gives you lemons… turn them into some lemon greeting cards! Here at Wuzci, we have plenty of lemon cards available for a bunch of occasions and recipients. Check them out below!

lemon greeting cards

Lemon Birds Birthday Card by Belinda Drought

Beautiful print of two little birds carrying some lemons on a lovely peachy pink background. There is no type, meaning that this is perfect for so many occasions or just for yourself to frame and keep as a print.

You Get The Zest of Me Anniversary Card by Katcha Fun

A bright and punny for your anniversary! One of our favourite lemon greeting cards.

When Life Gives You Lemons General Card by Cobbydale Creative

We all know that when life gives you lemons, you make a gin and lemonade! If it’s on the card then it MUST be true.

Lemon Flower Thank you Card by Katerina Kirpa

Who said a card with lemons on had to be sour? This sweet and pretty thank you card from Katerina Kirpa is the perfect thank you card in summer!

lemon greeting cards

Lemony Zest Wishes Birthday Card by Running with Scissors

Send your loved ones some citrusy best wishes with this cute lemon greeting card design! If they are simply the zest, this is the card for them!

My Main Squeeze Valentine’s Day Card by Droplette Design

A curious bunch of lemons to add to the fruity lemon pun. Send to your main squeeze this Valentine’s.

Hello General Card by Mochi Bun Studio

Happy lemons saying hi! We love this adorable general lemon greeting card from Mochi Bun Studio.

Cheers To The Best Mum Mother’s Day Card by Droplette Design

The G and T are ready for the celebrations too! Another beautiful lemon greeting card from Droplette Design.


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