Minimalist Birthday Cards: Our favourite designs!

A little can say a lot. Maybe you don’t know what to say, or maybe all the designs you’ve found seem a bit out there or garish. Sometimes, you just want something simple and meaningful. If you’re looking for minimalist birthday cards, Wuzci has you sorted! Take a look at some of our favourite paired-back designs available in our store.

These designs feature either minimalist text or simple illustrations that are eye-catching.

This minimalist birthday card features a modern, confetti inspired design with a soft and simple colour story.

A cute minimalist illustration of a dog in a box! Perfect for your pooch loving pal.

Don’t worry, be happy with this adorable minimalist birthday card design.

Inspired by the delightful way Irish people speak! Your favourite will love this card (so they will) and its minimalist design that still gets the message across.

A simple card just to say “Have a great day!” We love the bold lettering and minimalist colours.

One of our favourite delicate, floral and minimalist birthday cards for your mum!

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