A document of designs sold and payment made at the end of each month will be handy so we have the correct documents to file in a tax return.

One thing that bothers me is that there’s sometimes many cards with the same image but different text. It looks like there is no control over the quality of the products.

So, I think it would be great if there is an option to check the text variations when you click on the card, instead of having multiple cards in sequence with the same image.

I’m suggesting here but I’m not sure if someone of the team really take into consideration. There is no answer in any of these posts…

PLEASE make it easier to delete occasions. I’ve got a few that need deleting. Pressing and holding just highlights it, tapping does nothing.

Receiving consent emails about things that I don’t want to be reminded about is driving me potty!!

Would it be possible to maybe add an X or a “remove” box?

Would be great to have a direct link from my Instagram page to my card page

I wanted to upgrade but couldn’t tell which from which once I started the process as it wasn’t clear what subscription I was opting in into. Small sender is self explanatory but I didn’t know if the family or the other name I can’t remember were the 4 or 8 cards a month sub. It put me off and at the moment I’m sticking to my current 2 cards a month. Just put next to the fancy title the explanation in brackets > ( 2 cards per month). Or at least have a landing page once customers login that explains the options. I searched the menu and couldn’t find that bit of information. Just a ‘ Subscripion options ‘ section would be great. I’m logging off now to see if I can see the options as a potential new customer …

I would love to be able to order several of the same designs in one go, without having to add them to my monthly order individually! Thank you


Please can you add an Eid category as currently do not have one and i would like to upload a few more
and would be good to have one so easy to find for customers and i can direct on social media.


It would be great if the images not needed currently ie CHRISTMAS could go to the bottom of our profile pages. That means more relevant images are shown first on our pages and the customer does not have to wade through designs not relevant at the moment.

Maybe somewhere all creators can follow to keep up to date with card trends and needed card designs in categories along with reminder of major card occasion deadlines etc.

Visible focus indicators for elements.


The outline is currently set to none – this isn’t helpful for keyboard users as they find it hard to see where they are on webpages.