Shopping Basket & Checkout

I would like to be able to put my 8 cards in a basket rather than having to confirm them individually 8 times and get 8 separate emails confirming my purchase – it fills up the mailbox. It will be great to then go to your basket and checkout.

Multi purchases

I’d like to be able to purchase more than one card at a time please, but not subscribe.

View your design tags and see others

Is it an idea you can see the tags you added to the cards you uploaded somewhere? If you have a design in the same theme, you can find them back. Or we can inspire each other with ideas for tags.

Adding Seasons to the occasions?

Maybe it’s a good idea to add spring, summer, autumn and winter (or only “seasons”) to the occasions options? I think it would be great to have a category for the seasons of the year.

Change card/re-upload design

Would love to be able to re-upload the design once it’s been published (maybe within a 24hour window) to amend mistakes/ change something you’d missed before.