Multipack greeting cards vs. a Wuzci subscription

One of our goals with Wuzci was to challenge the conventional multipack of greeting cards you can find in your local supermarket. We wanted to take the convenience of those packs of cards and mix it with the ability to select exactly what you want. 

Here are five ways Wuzci is better than a traditional multi-pack of cards:

1. More choice than multipacks

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: More choice

Often the cards you see in multipacks are either the same design or extremely similar and usually for the same event. With a Wuzci subscription, each month you can pick a card that’s perfect for your intended recipient out of over 5,000 designs. That way, whether you need a card for a birthday, a wedding or a Bah Mitzvah, you can get a hand-picked multipack every month. 

2. Less waste

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: Less waste

Because you have so much choice over what cards you get each month, there’s less waste! Instead of odd birthday cards from a multipack of greeting cards sitting in a cupboard unused for years, you get exactly what you need, when you need it! And, all our packaging is made of recyclable materials and can be put in your recycling bin!

3. More convenient than multipacks

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: More convenient

Multipacks of greeting cards are convenient, but a Wuzci subscription is even more so. You don’t even have to leave your house to find a box of perfectly crafted cards. Our handy online shop means you can add exactly what you need whenever and wherever you want, and your cards will be delivered to you at the beginning of each month! 

4. Supporting independent artists

Multipack cards vs Wuzci: Support independent artists

Unlike a lot of multipacks, Wuzci is totally transparent about whose art is on the front of your cards. On the back of every greeting card, we let you know exactly who you are supporting and a little about them! You can rest easy knowing that by buying a Wuzci card, you’ve helped to support an independent artist.

5. Value for money

Value for money

Wuzci uses high-quality eco-friendly materials to make your greeting cards and offer them for a competitive price. AND if you sign up today you can try your first 4-card-box for just £1!


its like the netflix of greetings cards

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How does Wuzci compare to Moonpig?

A common question we get here at Wuzci is; how are we different from existing greetings card shops such as Moonpig?

To us, the answer is simple. We are a monthly subscription service that reminds you when you have an upcoming occasion and prompts you to select a card so that it can be delivered to your door. Saving you both time & money! 💸 

So how does Wuzci compare with other shops such as Moonpig?

Here is a side-by-side comparison of some features we value when shopping for cards.

⓵   A Helpful Reminder System for All Your Occasions

Never forgetting an occasion has always been at the heart of Wuzci’s mission. We were sick of having to do a last-minute dash to the high street when we needed to buy a card, that we decided to build a reminder system.

You can then view all your reminders, in a helpful and ordered list, so know exactly what’s coming up and who to choose cards for:

Moonpig recently launched their own system that allows you to add dates and receive an email reminder.

Suspiciously similar 🤔👀

Here’s a comparison of the reminder features:

Free to use
Individual Reminders
Choice of occasions
(Birthday, Christmas etc.)
Links orders to your occasions
Repeated & One-off occasions
Monthly Recaps


Moonpig’s system does cover the basics, but Wuzci does seem to have a lot more features and flexibility. Let’s call this one a draw.

⓶   Environmental Responsibilty Info & Green Status

Wuzci prides itself on being green. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to not only reduce our impact on the planet but give back to it too.

All Wuzci’s cards & envelopes are made from recycled materials (which, can then be recycled again of course), our protective packaging is made from biodegradable vegetable starch instead of plastic and even our little sweet treats we sometimes send out are 100% vegan 🍬

We also plant a tree for every 100 subscribers we get as part of the Trees For Life scheme. 🌳🌲


Whilst I’m sure Moonpig has some sustainable policies (they must do right?) it seems to be impossible to find anything about it on their website. A clear win to Wuzci on this one.

⓷   Support for Independent Artists

When you buy a Wuzci card, you are directly supporting the artist that designed that card. Our Artist platform gives creators a space to showcase their work and earn money every month from the cards that you choose. 🎨

Similar to the environmental situation, it isn’t very clear who designs Moonpigs cards and how the people who create them are supported.


Wuzci, is quickly becoming the home for independent artists. We remove all the frictions and barriers to getting their designs in customers hands. We’ll ensure we keep building the very best features to keep supporting them.

④   Choice of Cards

Moonpig certainly has the edge on the total number of designs and customizability… which is understandable considering they started almost 20 years before Wuzci! But we truly believe that the way forward is to give you direct access to an ever-growing list of amazing talented artists who create truly stunning cards for every occasion.


Whilst Wuzci is adding 100’s of beautiful cards every month, we have to concede that currently, Moonpig has the larger selection… but we hope to catch them very soon.

⑤   Value for Money

Not only were we tired of forgetting cards when we decided to build Wuzci… we were sick of overpaying for them too!

We started to think… you have roughly the same Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Mother’s Father’s, Valentine’s Days and Christmas every year. Why wouldn’t that just be a small subscription so you always had the cards you needed? 🤷‍♂️

This subscription method allows Wuzci to print everything to order, reducing waste & cutting costs that we then pass onto you. Wuzci’s plans start from just £4 which gets you any 2 cards you choose, delivered to your door every month.

Have some months busier than others? Don’t worry you can rollover any cards that you don’t use for busy months and times like Christmas.

Price comparison Wuzci vs Moonpig

Average card price

Price of 24 cards a year (UK average)

24 Cards


Currently, Wuzci delivers your cards directly to you each month; for you to then give to your recipients. So there’s clearly an extra benefit with Moonpig’s ability to send cards direct (something we’ll be adding soon). But if you’re looking for the best valuelook no further than Wuzci.

Want to give Wuzci a try? Start your trial now and get your first month of cards completely free! That’s all of your occasions for next month sorted and delivered right to your door! Need more reasons to try us?

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