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Whether you are beginning artist or pro designer, Wuzci is for everyone. Create a free account, upload your artwork and start earning money.

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Why join Wuzci?

Focus on what you love

Wuzci takes care of production, fulfillment, customer service and everything else to ensure your time is spent doing what you love... Creating!

Access to loyal customers

Because of our subscription-based businesses model, Wuzci customers buy all (or very close to all) of their cards from us.

Free Samples

To ensure you're 100% happy with your final products, we offer all artists 3 credits to choose samples of their cards.

We mean green

We aim to do things differently. Whether it's planting trees, making our products from recycled materials or using biodegradable packing - we want to our impact on the environment to be positive.

"It's so great working with Wuzci. It's a super easy platform to use, after uploading my designs, the rest is in their hands. Highly recommend and am looking forward to continuing this great partnership."
Belinda Drought
2,035 sales in 3 months
"Wuzci has been a great platform to share my work, it’s really easy and simple as you just upload your designs and off they go! I love receiving notifications of my cards selling, it’s nice to know they are out there in the world brightening up someone’s day!"
Ash Victoria Rowe
861 sales in 3 months
"Wuzci is the perfect platform for designers and artists looking to sell their work and promote their creativity. It's easy to use, much more reliable for sales than other print-on-demand sites and regularly promotes it's unique and concentrated artist collective. On top of that, it's going places fast!"
Rebecca Feneley
1,528 sales in 3 months
A passion for quality

As designers ourselves, we know how important quality is - especially when it comes to colour-matching. That's why, all artwork is checked over when it's uploaded, and then checked again when it goes to specially configured printing presses.

A leading greetings card printer

Design by Cobbydale Creative, printed on the same board using the same artwork files. Photo taken side-by-side and then cut out to ensure fair a comparison.

How it works
How Wuzci Works - 1) Add your occasions

Apply for an account

Registration is fast and easy. All you need is your3 details and some examples of your work.

How Wuzci Works - 1) Add your occasions

Upload your designs

Download our helpful templates, start creating and then upload your designs in seconds.

How Wuzci Works - 1) Add your occasions

Get paid for every sale

Earn a commission on every card sold, whether it's a one-off purchases or a subscription selection.

How Wuzci Works - 1) Add your occasions

Add your occasions

Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversaries, Mother's Days, Fathers Days, Weddings, New Homes and everything inbetween... they can all live securely in Wuzci.

How Wuzci Works - 2) Choose your cards

Choose your cards

Wuzci automatically reminds you of your upcoming occasions and lets you choose from 1000's of beautiful greetings cards in just 2 clicks!

How Wuzci Works - 3) Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax

...whilst we print and deliver your cards to you, ready for the month ahead. You'll also receive helpful reminders on when to write & send your cards too.

Frequently asked questions
Is it free to join?

Yes! Wuzci is completely free to join as an artist.

How much will I earn?

We pay an industry-leading commission, of 30p per card sold. That includes both cards sold as a one-off purchase and those chosen as part of a subscription.

We want the relationship between Wuzci and artists to be a long one. We won’t stop improving our product or growing the company, and we hope you’ll continue to constantly build your collection with us.

As you can see from the table on the right, the more we grow the more we pay our to artists. Your designs can live on our site for as long as you’d like them to, meaning one design could keep making you commision for years.

Wuzci subscribers Commission available each month
When will I get paid?

We pay any outstanding commissions on the 2nd of each month, directly to your Paypal account.

Will I retain copyright?

Yes! You will retain full ownership and copyright of work, Wuzci simply licenses it for Greetings Cards.

What format should my artwork be in?

You'll be able to find all this information when logged into your account, along with templates for Photoshop, Procreate, Illustrator, Sketch and more.

But our standard artwork requirements are:

Card Size: 150mm x 150mm // 1772px x 1772px
Bleed: 3mm Top, Bottom & Right
Final Artwork Size: 156mm x 153mm // 1807px x 1843px
Resolution: 300dpi
Colour Profile: CMYK
Formats: PSD, Sketch, AI, JPG, PDF

If some of this doesn't make sense, don't worry our friendly team are always around to help you get things setup.

When will I know I've sold a card?

We currently send instant email notifications every time one of your designs has sold.

How many cards do I need to upload?

There isn't a limit to how many designs you can upload to Wuzci. You can build your collection gradually over time, or you can upload them all in one go.